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Amazingly Simple Strategies for Writing an Honest Self-evaluation

Writing a Self-evaluation
Personal evaluation can be explained as the process where a person has to assess himself. Students, after completing a particular academic course are asked to assess how much they have learned during that period. Even employees are expected to write personal evaluation for getting a promotion or salary raise. In this, one is required to talk about the work they have done and their achievements.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
It is important for a personal evaluation to be an honest reflection of what you have done for the company. But many people are not comfortable about writing a personal evaluation because they feel that they are boasting about themselves. Though a self-evaluation should not seem like boasting about oneself, one has to definitely indulge in self-praise to a certain extent. Its main difference from article writing is that all facts and observations are about yourself.
Tips for Writing Personal Evaluation
You will find it easy to write your personal evaluation if you start by making a rough draft of your achievements.
  • First, write about all the projects that you have undertaken.
  • Then, mention what you have contributed towards each one of them.
  • Also, write about the kind of reaction and feedback that you received for each of the projects from your superiors.
  • Finally, mention some special awards you got for any of the projects.
Your personal evaluation should specify the skills that you have developed. Mention your educational qualifications and specific training that you have undergone for a specific project. Write about how these skills helped you in your various projects. Students who are writing a personal evaluation after completing a course would have to write about how the course helped them in gaining more knowledge, towards development of certain key skills.
It is good to write about the work you have done beyond your actual duties and responsibilities, in your personal evaluation. It is also necessary to talk about the changes that have happened in the company due to the work done by you.
In your personal evaluation, it is also important to talk about your future plans and goals. Write about what you have planned for yourself in the coming future and not only about how it would enhance your progress, but also the progress of the company.
Your personal evaluation can talk about how the knowledge or skills you have acquired, and how they would be applied in your daily life.
One very important thing that people writing a personal evaluation should remember, is that though self-praise is required, do not lie about anything. One should write only what is true. It is quite likely that readers of your personal evaluation may demand some kind of a material proof from you if your achievements sound too exaggerated.
Once you finish writing a rough draft of your personal evaluation, read it through once to see if anything should be included or omitted from the content. Ensure that it is not lengthier than one page. After you rewrite the final copy, ask one of your friend or colleague to read and give you the correct feedback about whether the personal evaluation looks genuine and relevant. In fact, your friends may have some brilliant suggestions for adding into your evaluation report.