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Workshop Evaluation Form Template

Workshop Evaluation Form Template

Providing a workshop evaluation form to participants of a workshop is a great way of getting feedback regarding the effectiveness of the workshop. Here is a template for such a form for your use. Take a look.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
A workshop evaluation form is given to the participants of a workshop to evaluate how effective it was. It is based on this feedback that future workshops can be planned and improved to encompass more helpful features for participants. Irrespective of the kind of workshop that was held, say for team building, to enhance body language, to develop verbal communication, or to develop sales and marketing skills, a workshop evaluation form can be as generic or as detailed as you would like it to be. However, it is important to note that not many people are the kind to sit and fill out long forms after a workshop. It is therefore a good idea to keep it simple and not stretch it too much. It is also important that you as the workshop organizer conduct some kind of self-evaluation along with feedback from the participants. A thorough combination of both will help you conduct a better and more successful workshop the next time. Here, we provide you with a generic template of a workshop evaluation form that will definitely help you draft one on your own.

Preparing a Generic Workshop Evaluation Form

As mentioned earlier, a generic workshop evaluation form can be modified to suit your requirements. Though mentioned that evaluation forms should ideally not be very long, they can definitely be modified to attain specific responses regarding certain sections of the workshop. For instance, if you used a new technique such as hands-on experience to impart certain kind of information, you may definitely ask the participants whether they thought it was helpful and how it benefited or did not benefit them. Providing an evaluation from and getting feedback from every participant in the workshop is mandatory to get a clear understanding of how effective the workshop really was. Give the form just after the workshop has ended so that their experiences are fresh on paper.

The form should consist of as many direct questions that involve either providing a rating or answering in a 'yes' or 'no'. Of course, you should have a section that asks for other recommendations where they may put down their opinions. Otherwise allow them to just rate different aspects of the presentation. You may also put a section asking if the participants would do anything different to make the workshop more effective. Such an opinion matters tremendously and organizing future workshops based on participant requirements will become much simpler. A workshop evaluation form that has a combination of ratings as well as open-ended questions is more helpful as it enables you to get a better idea of what the attendee received and expects from the form. If possible, fill out details such as the workshop name, name of the presenter, and the date yourself so that the attendee can get to the actual task at hand immediately.

NEW! Given below is a ready-to-print template. Simply click on the template to print it immediately.

Workshop Title:Date:
Name of Presenter:
Name of Participant (Optional):
ContentExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor
1. Content covered during the presentation
2. Relevance of content to your requirements
3. Usefulness of activities conducted during the workshop
4. Presenter's knowledge of subject
5. Presenter's style of teaching and communication
6. Presenter's response to doubts and queries
7. Usefulness of handouts at workshop
8. Networking opportunities available
9. Overall experience at workshop
10. Was the workshop worthwhile in terms of time and expense?

• What did you gain most from this workshop?

• Would you do anything different to make this workshop more effective?

• Do you have any additional recommendations to improve future workshops? Kindly enlist them here.

• Would you attend this workshop again and recommend it to friends and acquaintances?

If you have liked this workshop evaluation form, here is a downloadable workshop evaluation form template - PDF.

Hopefully you have understood what goes into developing a workshop evaluation form, and will be able to utilize this template to draft one based on your own requirements.