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Workplace Safety Issues

Aparna Jadhav Jun 18, 2019
All organizations and companies have a huge responsibility of workplace safety for their employees. But there are a few issues, usually observed in all workplaces. Know about these here.
Workplace safety is one of the most important issues for all the organizations. When people are doing their jobs, they require a safe and comfortable environment, so that they are productive in their work. Therefore, it is the moral duty of all employers to provide their employees with a healthy and safe working experience.
But, there are possibilities of accidents or health problems that the employees may have to face. To minimize these workplace safety issues, it is expected that there are arrangements made by the employers. Here are a few of these health and safety issues in the workplace. Read on and find out if your working environment provides safety against these issues.

Safety First and Always

There are hundreds of professions where work is carried out on the field as well as in enclosed offices. Some of the on-field work examples are construction sites, agriculture, chemical industries and factories that produce daily necessities.
On the other hand, work done in offices includes computer engineering, print and media, laboratory research, official paperwork, etc. All these workplaces have some or the other risks and hazards which can prove to be very harmful for the people working.
Thus, it is the employer's duty to make sure these issues are taken care of. Providing a friendly and safe work environment for the employees will improve their performance and contribute to the overall success of the organization itself. Mentioned are a few workplace health and safety issues.

Health Issues

Health should be one of the biggest concerns of employers, as it is very natural for employees to fall ill or meet with an accident during work hours.
There are some professions where the employee's health is at a major risk, such as chemical industries, research labs, radiation centers, construction sites, etc.
There are higher chances that the workers could have fatal or permanent health damages and thus, providing them with safety suits, helmets, masks or other safety wear is essential.
Issues such as accidents, heart attacks, injuries and illness are also observed in indoor offices, thus safety arrangements for the indoors should also be made.
There should be well equipped first aid kits, emergency numbers, oxygen masks, etc., in every accessible part of the workplace, so they can be used whenever required. Fire extinguishers and water pipes also should be installed in exits.

Disagreement or Violence Issues

When there are more than two people working together, there are all the chances or disagreements or arguments. There could be clashes of ideas, egos, suggestions and other negative feelings which can be faced in a team.
However, some employees could have temper problems and thus have either verbal or physical reactions to these disagreement. This leads to unhealthy work environment and should be reported immediately, as it is a very serious safety issue.
Many times, there are arguments between the employer and employees or seniors and juniors, thus making the environment extremely bitter. This difference of opinion should to be sorted out in a mature and professional manner.
One way of avoiding differences among employees in a workplace is to carry out team building activities every once in a while, so that there is harmony and peace that is maintained. Training the employees to respect their coworkers and seniors could also prove as one of the helpful safety tips.