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Fun Activities to Boost Workplace Morale

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 5, 2018
A motivated workforce performs better than the one in wallows of doubts. Read on for some workplace morale booster activities, to keep the spirit of your employees driven for better productivity.
It is no secret that a motivated workforce performs better than the one which reels in self doubt and dissatisfaction. Temporary pitfalls, a few mistakes, and a momentary loss can get your employees down. A negative mental state makes them question their abilities, which hampers their performance.
Keep up the morale of your employees with some workplace morale booster activities. Such activities eliminate the root cause of low morale by increasing interactions, ironing out problems in communication, and building relationships on a cornerstone of trust.
Arranging activities to boost morale of your employees every now and then will increase the quality of your output by leaps and bounds.

Team Games

Every organization works as a team and performs collectively to achieve the predetermined goals. Thus, every organization needs to take a few efforts to imbibe in its employees the essence of team spirit.
Team building activities for the workplace such as games, play an important role in building trust amongst colleagues by breaking mental biases about each other. As prejudices get clear and one learns to see fellow colleagues in a fresh perspective, it evokes a feeling of positivity and boosts the morale.
Arrange a cultural or a sports event every quarter, to give your employees to prove their mettle differently.

Outdoor Activities

All work and no play makes life boring as hell. Probably, your employees are going through the same. After working graveyard shifts, they do deserve a little more.
Take your employees out on an excursion, for instance trekking, camping, boating, sailing and such other picnics, on a working day, to refresh their minds and attitudes.
Spending time with them in a different scenario will help you to get to know them better. Such interactions help in opening the channels of communication, which builds stronger bonds. An occasional outing provides a good break, shows your employees how much you care for them, and encourages their morale.

Wining and Dining

Completion of projects after months and months of hard work, deserves more than an applause. Throw a party for the team members who worked on the project.
Bring all of them together for lunch or for dinner, where you can appreciate their efforts by a small speech.
Ask your employees about their families, children, extra curricular activities to make conversations about topics other than work. This way, you will get to know them better and understand their backgrounds in greater depth.
A simplest effort of getting to know your employees and taking interest in their lives, is all that it takes to give their morale the push it requires.

Incentives and Recognition

Every employee doubts his or her contribution in the company, which becomes the primary reason for low morale. Thus, recognizing your employee's efforts and contributions towards the organization by thanking them will go a long way in boosting their morale.
Additionally, employee incentives schemes that reward employees for outperforming their duties is an excellent way of acknowledging their contributions.
Instead of giving away cash or monetary rewards, think of intangible gifts.
For instance, every employee looks forward to spending time with their family. A few holidays or permission to work from home is all that it would take to boost the morale in a big way.
A workforce with a high morale has the ability to achieve the most difficult target with equal finesse. So open up an excel sheet and start planning a few activities to save the larger interests of your workplace.