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Health and Safety Tips to Make Your Workplace Accident-free

Shalu Bhatti Mar 12, 2019
It is a fact that safety is the most important thing in any environment, be it at home or at work. If you are looking for some health and safety tips for your workplace, then you must continue reading to know the essentials.
"Open the Door to Safety: Awareness is the Key!"
- Author Unknown
That's right! Safety is the first and foremost responsibility of an organization towards its employees. It is only the sense of safety and security that would attract an employee towards working in a workplace with comfort and ease.
No matter how big is the pay scale that you have been offered, if you don't feel safe in the working environment, you will not hold on for long! Which is why there are many different safety tips and aspects that should be taken care of so that there are no 'safety issues' which can prove to be a problem later on!
There are certain parameters that each and every employer should follow when it comes to giving a safe and healthy environment to the employees of the organization. The aspects and areas that should be focused on are listed here.

Health and Safety Tips for the Workplace

You must have come across various mishaps or accidents that have taken place in an office environment. From tripping to fire accidents, from electric shock to cuts and wounds, and what not. There are some small things that can actually be responsible for a major accident. Take open drawers and cabinets for example! Take black mold on walls for example!
Has it ever happened to you that you or someone that you know has ended up tripping over because someone in the office forgot to close the cabinet or drawer? Or that you or other employees have experienced a sick feeling sue to the unhygienic environment in your office?
Well, not only the employer, but even the employees must take due responsibility and initiative to promote a healthy and safe working environment. Have a look at some essential tips mentioned here.

No Trip and Slip Accidents

Make sure that the most busy and important areas of the office space are always 'no trip zones'! There can be many reasons for accidents caused due to tripping and slipping. Your foot can slip because of a wet floor, or cluttered wires. Make sure that all the wires are installed properly and nothing is scattered around the office space.

Maintain Health Records of all Employees

Another important point to be considered when it comes to office health safety tips is to maintain health records of all the employees. You can categorize the files of the employees based on their individual health conditions.
It will also be a good idea to organize free health check ups once in a month for all the employees. This thoughtful tip will definitely encourage employees to pay attention to their health which will eventually prove to be beneficial to the organization as healthy employees would be more productive.

Be Prepared to Handle Emergency

We all have heard of an office building catching fire due to various reasons, including electric shock! This is why most of the offices have enrolled themselves with a fire insurance to ensure that they have a backup in case of mishaps.
Therefore it is important to install fire extinguishers in the office so that in case a situation arises, it can be taken care of before things worsen.
It is also a must for an organization to conduct safety drills so that each and every employee knows what to do in an emergency. Keep the cluttered wires grounded and make sure that you appoint a certified electrician to do all the electric work to avoid future complications.
Keep first aid ready. Maintain a list of health professionals or hospitals to be contacted in case of any medical emergency.

Maintain a Clean and Safe Office Space

Making sure that your office space is properly clean and well-organized will solve half the problems and risks! Also keep the book shelves well-organized so that the entire pile doesn't fall over you while you are trying hard to pull one out!
Also maintain proper hygiene in the office canteen and provide healthy foods, drinks and beverages to your employees. Strictly maintain proper hygiene while cooking and cleaning. Ensure that they are eating healthy and working healthy.
Maintain hygiene in the restrooms and keep the premises clean and safe to work in. Promote health, hygiene and cleanliness to make sure that all your employees are safeguarded from various health and safety risks in the workplace.

Keep the Area Under Surveillance

Installing security cameras and locks is a must for office safety. This is because apart from accidents like fire, electric shocks, or tripping, even humans can become a potential threat when it comes to safety in the office environment.
We all have heard various cases of sexual molestation and burglaries. Keeping the area under surveillance always prevents various accidents and such situations.
Even the slightest of negligence in the smallest of things can cause an irreversible effect. Keep first aid boxes handy. Make sure you have emergency numbers handy with you which can keep help just a phone call away.
If you see any threat in the office environment, make sure that you report the matter to higher authorities. These simple and thoughtful steps can definitely help you in making your workplace a safe, accident free and healthy one!