Amazing Work Party Ideas That Will Inspire Your Office Bash

Ideas for an office party
Though slightly formal, work parties do not differ from other parties much. They give the employees, a break from a normal routine and also act as ice breakers between the colleagues.
Those of you who think office and work parties are boring, mundane events that you are forced to attend, think again. Nowadays, organizations are revamping the ways in which they celebrate, along with the reasons for celebrations. While some celebrate special occasions and events, others believe that a celebration is simply imperative to get a break from the routine.

Whatever the reason, an office party is time to have some fun, lose the facade of formality, and be yourself. Here's a look at some ideas you can use.
Fun Ideas for an Office Party
Fun is the main ingredient of any party, be it professional or personal. No matter how formal you are otherwise, you must have a good time so that the party is memorable. Take a look at these guidelines and ideas.
Just because it is a work party, the venue needn't necessarily be your office itself. A lot of organizations believe in going out to celebrate and having a good time. In fact, every member of the organization is a different person outside the office, and this is a side you can get to see if you decide to have your party outside the work environment. Some options include:
  • Banquet hall in a hotel
  • Pool-side party
  • The beach
  • Office picnic/cruise
Different themes bring out the lighter side of employees and superiors alike, and reduce the formality of the occasion. These themes allow both sides to let their hair down and portray a side that most people have never seen before. Choose from some of the following theme ideas for this element of fun:

  • Hollywood/Superhero theme
  • Themes based on the current season
  • Dress code (e.g. specific accessory
  • to be worn by employees)
  • 60s'/70s'/80s' theme
Games and Activities
No party is complete without some office games and activities to get all the employees buzzing together and working as a team.In fact,these are great ice breakers in larger organizations,helping colleagues to know each other better and also in enhancing communication. Like:
  • Bizarre Movie Trivia (based on bizarre aspects of the movie)
  • Funny Employee Awards (always-a-minute-late award or maximum-coffee-drinker award)
  • Employee Trivia (guess employee name based)
For an office party, it is best to serve food that can be eaten on the go, while socializing and engaging in games and activities. Some offices even follow the potluck tradition where each employee brings something to eat. This adds substantial variety to the menu. For some fun, you could have a 'best-dish-contest' and give away prizes for the same. Choose from:
  • on-alcoholic fruit punches
  • Kebabs/Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on skewers
  • Wraps/Sandwiches
  • Cupcakes/Mousse for dessert

If you are organizing a birthday party for an employee, then remember that the party should center on the employee whose birthday it is. Some organizations celebrate birthdays of several employees together based on the month of the birthday. You could follow all the aforementioned ideas for the same, but do remember to keep the focus on the employee whose birthday it is, else it will be just like any other office party.