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Work Experience Letter

Work Experience Letter

Are you looking for a proper format for a work experience letter? If yes then this article on a letter for work experience will help you draft one properly when you need to do so.
Tulika Nair
In a world where demand for qualified individuals is on an all-time high, employers are always on the lookout for people who will not only suit the needs of their company but also perform the job they are assigned with efficiency and a spark of innovation. Many new graduates tend to be brimming with ideas for improving the standing of the company and also increasing its profits. But the flip side is that employers not wanting to take risk with inexperienced professionals often ask youngsters to come back once they have a little hands-on experience. This soon becomes a vicious cycle with experience becoming a requisite to get a job and obviously, without getting a job, one cannot have the necessary experience. In such a scenario, it may become essential to gain work experience by interning with a company. To get a chance like this, it is important to work on your letter writing skills, put them to test and create a remarkable impression at the first shot. Experience letters, requesting prospective employers to give you a chance to work with them will allow you to create a favorable impression on them. A good letter of work experience can be your answer to getting the internship you have been desiring.

Format of a Letter Detailing Work Experience

While applying for a job requesting an employer to hire you, ensure that your cover letter for an intern's position sounds professional and not as if it has been drafted by someone who is desperate for a job. Express your enthusiasm about working with the company while highlighting how you can be an asset to the organization. List out your educational qualifications and skills that make you an ideal employee. Given below is the format for a letter that you will need to draft in case you want to write such a letter.

Your Name
Name of Your Organization


Name of Addressee

Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee),

The first paragraph needs to inform the addressee about the reason for which you are writing the letter. It is in this introductory paragraph that you need to introduce yourself to the employer.

In the second paragraph you will required to list out your educational qualifications and also the skills that you possess that make you a suitable candidate for employment at the addressee's organization. Explain why you would want to work with them and what your career goals are. It is also important that you detail how all these pointers make the company a suitable place for you to work with.

The third paragraph should be the concluding paragraph in which you need to provide the addressee with your contact details and inform them of when you could meet them. End the letter by thanking them for taking out time to read the letter you have sent.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Sample of a Letter of Work Experience

Now that you know what the proper format for a letter detailing work experience is you can try and draft your own letter. If you are still unsure about the language that needs to be used while writing the letter, you can use the example given below as a guideline.

Delia Sloan
78, Redwood Apartments
Elm Street
New York - 695455

Date: 30th January 2012

Coralie Grey
Vice President, Human Resources
Blink Productions
374, Sunset Boulevard
New York - 695455

Dear Ma'am,

I, the undersigned, am writing to you to inquire about the possibility of interning with your organization in order to gain some work experience. I would be extremely pleased if you grant me a chance to intern with your company for a period of two months in July and August.

I am currently pursuing my post graduation in Audio Visual Communications from the New York Film and Television Institute. I am a graduate in Visual Studies from New York University. I have been a part of a television crew that was shooting a documentary for CBS and have also directed and edited my graduation films which I could send across to you if you need to look at them. The work that your production house has done in documentaries has always inspired me and I have always wanted to work with your organization and be a member of your research team. I am a team worker and a quick learner who works hard at any task assigned. I am a voracious reader which enables me to look at many historical facts with a literary bent of mind and that has helped me enhance my editing skills. I truly believe that I could contribute and learn a great deal by interning with your company.

Please do consider my application for an internship with your organization. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
(D. Sloan)
Delia Sloan

This article has hopefully helped you understand clearly how such a letter should be drafted and formatted while requesting a work experience placement, with an organization.