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Understand Why Health and Safety are Important in the Workplace

Understanding the importance of safety and health in a workplace is important for employees as well as for employers. We have provided you the most obvious reasons on why they are important. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Whether you work in a hazardous environment or in a comparatively safer zone, workplace safety is important to prevent mishaps. Since you are spending most of your time at your work place, it must be safe so that no threat to health is posed. Thus, health and safety of employees are major concerns of an organization.
Health and Safety Issues in the Workplace
Understanding the importance of safety at workplace should be the concern of the management. Certain norms are established that an individual should know to ensure self safety. There should be arrangement for first aid and health care services as well. Frequency of accidents taking place due to negligence in safety measures have been reported to a large extent. If the safety measures are executed properly, then cost incurred in recovery could also be eliminated because chances of mishaps are considerably reduced. We shall discuss the issues in the points mentioned below.
Safety in the Corporate Sector
It's an established fact that working in corporate sectors is considerably safer than working in mines and factories. The working environment is made conducive for employees and safety is ensured to avoid minor accidents like tripping or skidding inside office. Chances of short circuits and outbreak of fire are always there. So fire extinguishers are always installed. Accidents inside elevators, although not frequent, could be dangerous and to avoid this they should be always monitored for proper functioning.
Safety of Miners
Safety at underground mines is the most important concern of a mining company. Working underground always carries potential life risks. Most workplace accidents have been reported in underground mines and therefore, there should be sufficient provisions for eliminating such mishaps. Miners are provided with helmets, goggles and other equipment to ensure safety while working. Mining trolleys and lifts are regularly monitored to avoid transportation accidents. Food and water is provided and other requirements are taken care of. Their work zone is inspected regularly to prevent unforeseen accidents from taking place.
Nuclear Plant Safety
Working in nuclear plants is definitely a risky job because there are chances that you might get exposed to radiation leakage. Nuclear safety systems mostly ensure that no radioactive materials are released even during accidents, while workers are given high protection while working in its vicinity. They are equipped with special radiation proof jackets, masks, goggles and caps. Exposure to radiation causes cancer, which in most cases is fatal. Thus, protecting workers' health is the primary concern of nuclear plants and companies.
Safety at Factories
People working in factories where they have to handle fire, instruments and chemicals to a large extent are provided immense protection to prevent health hazards. Machines and other tools are regularly checked to ensure that they are safe to work with. Workplace safety is a major concern in such places because getting exposed to these risky objects would definitely have damaging effects. Thus, they are properly equipped with lifesaving gear that offer substantial protection to them.
Health Safety Measures
These safety measures, apart from providing physical safety, are also necessary for maintaining one's internal health while working. They are equipped with every kind of medical facilities that prove useful in emergency situations. Mobile vans having all types clinical systems patrol mines and factories. Experienced doctors and nurses are always present to offer first aid. Corporate sectors also have health care facilities for offering instant treatment to employees. Thus, creating an environment that would be conducive for employees should be one of the most coveted goals of an organization.
Ensuring Personal Safety
You might have come across issues of violence and molestation of coworkers. Such incidents can mar the reputation of any organization. It's almost impossible to work in an environment that is devoid of personal safety measures. Rules and regulations are implemented by the law for ensuring physical safety of workers which are adopted by companies to prevent any such incidents taking place.
It's your responsibility to know the safety rules prevailing and learn how to practice them. You must be well acquainted with the safety symbols and should be capable of utilizing them when needed. Also follow the health policies provided by your organization to protect yourself from health hazards.