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What is Business Attire

Decoding Dress Codes for Work: What is Business Attire?

People are often confused when it comes to proper business attire. Here, the same is discussed with its types in brief.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019
When you go to work, it is important that you are well-dressed and look presentable. Business attire has been a mainstay at the workplace for several decades now and despite the odd changes in fashion, it is quite fair to say that it will stay for decades more.
The sight of a man/woman in a business attire commands authority and respect. Hence a good amount of importance is placed on it at the workplace.
Business Dress Codes
Of course there are a lot of sub categories these days in business attire such as casual, party, and cocktail attire. While the main theme of the attire is to look presentable, there are a few variations which one needs to take into account.
Formal Dress code
Man In Formal Dress
Formal clothes are the ones you wear all through the week at the workplace. Usually formals for men are not too flashy, a light colored full shirt and a dark trouser can also do the trick.
A man also ought to have a formal tie, again, not over-the-top, simple, and one which goes with the shirt and the trouser. It is also good to have a suit for special business meetings. Black leather shoes are also an important part of the dress code.
Women's formals generally include full shirts, and depending on the rules of the workplace, skirts, or trousers. Skirts are usually slightly below the knee and may or may not be allowed in some offices.
Women don't need to wear ties too often, but ties for women are gaining more and more popularity. A suit and black leather shoes are also important accessory to have for meetings.
Business Casual Dress Code
With Fridays and Saturdays being increasingly marked as days for casual clothes, most people choose this type of attire for the same.
Men generally can ditch the tight formal shirt for a simple t-shirt or a polo neck t-shirt. The shirt is not supposed to be flashy yet should give an impression of being formal.
Men can also choose between jeans and trousers on this day, although few trousers match the t-shirts anyway. You can also choose not to wear formal shoes and wear more comfortable shoes instead. No ties and no suits whatsoever!
Women's business casual attire really doesn't have a framework as such. They too can choose to wear t-shirts or less formal shirts with skirts, trousers, or jeans. They can also choose a different set of shoes, sandals, and various accessories such as bags, to go along with their dresses.
Cocktail Dress Code
Business cocktail attire is what you'd wear at business parties and the like. So while there is no 'dress code' as such for business parties, there is an accepted norm about what you should wear.
Men usually wear shirts, but a bit on the informal side, and a lot of party shirts. No need to tuck your shirt in for this one. There are a range of trousers too which you can wear for such occasions. A classic bow tie or a normal tie with a sport jacket can be good accessories.
Business cocktail attire for women really gives them a chance to experiment. Dresses come in all types and usually come in dark colors. Women can also wear high heels and various other footwear which goes well with the dresses.
The nature of business today in multinational companies demand that every employee possesses a good dressing sense. So it is always good to have your wardrobe armed with good clothes.