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Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Ways to Show Employee Appreciation
All of us need to know some great ways to show employee appreciation, as it can be one of the most important elements in successful employee retention. Employee appreciation has many benefits, and helps enhance the environment in the workplace too. To know more, read the article below.
Neha Joshi
Employee appreciation is one of the most important aspects in running an organization, and maintaining a healthy environment in it. Today, all over the world people celebrate employee appreciation weeks. All organizations who value their employees, dedicate one week in the year to appreciate their employees. This brings us to the different ways to show employee appreciation. There are some organizations who might dedicate just a day for employee appreciation as their work force may not consist of many workers, or because one day might be sufficient if planned well.
As I have said before, employee appreciation has many benefits and one of the most important ones is the maintaining of a healthy environment in the workplace. Appreciation would avoid feelings like neglect and thus, make the employees feel that they're valued and so is their work. Also, efficient employee appreciation helps in motivating employees to a great extent. Motivation can help in enhancing the quality of work and improving output. From this, we understand that appreciation not only helps the employees, but the employer as well. Now, let's proceed to some ideas for employee appreciation days, and the different ways in which you can show this appreciation.
How You Can Show Employee Appreciation in Different Ways...
Appreciation Certificates
One of the best ways to show employee appreciation is by declaring an employee of the month, or of the year, and presenting him/her with an employee of the month certification, or a work appreciation certificate. These certificates hold a lot of importance and reflect greatly on one's resume too. Thus, most of the employees will try and compete for this. At the end of the month, if the employees know they're going to be appreciated this way for the work they do, they're going to reciprocate by working more efficiently.
Appreciation Wall
Another way to show employee appreciation is by dedicating a small wall in your office as the appreciation wall, or you can call it something nice like the Wall of Fame. Every year, you can put up a small frame along with a certificate in the name of the person who has worked the best for that year. This can be done for a particular team as well. This is a great way of showing employees that you really appreciate the efforts they take for the organization.
All organizations work with specific targets, right? Employees who perform beyond targets should be rewarded. This is only a fair way of showing employee appreciation. You can inculcate policies of increments and incentives for those who work beyond what they're expected to. Monetary benefits are in one place but there are other benefits you can offer your employees too, such as, a couple of extra leaves in the year, or reduction of targets for the next month. If you plan to adopt this method, you need to make permanent policies and declare their activation to the employees.
Personalized Gifts
Presenting employees with personalized gifts is another great way of showing employee appreciation. Every employee who completes a particular period of time in the office should be presented with something unique, yet this gift should be common for all. For example, when an employee joins your organization, you can present him with a backpack that has the company logo on it. On confirmation, you can present each employee with something that has personal and professional use, say some stationery. After every few months, you should give the employees something to show them you appreciate their working with your company.
Tokens of Appreciation
Sometimes, an employee surprises everyone with exceptional work. At such times, it's unfair to wait till then employee appreciation week or day and then present him with something. The best thing to do here is to present him with a token of appreciation immediately. Depending on the level at which he has performed, you can present him with anything from a promotion, to a laptop, to just a small increment.
Appreciation is never really complete without some great employee appreciation gifts, isn't it? Make sure you have some of them ready at your office. Now that we know these ways to show employee appreciation, we should make a conscious effort to do something for our employees. After all, it is because of these employees organizations grow the way they're expected to grow! If you haven't yet started an employee appreciation day or week in your organization, it's time you do so now! Your employees will work better, and with more genuineness, when they see the efforts you take for them.
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