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Creative Ways to Quit your Job

There are so many ways you can quit your job, from plain and simple to weird and obnoxious. Let's see some of them in this article and help you get inspired.
Sujata Iyer
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Are you one of the numerous people out there who are fed up of their jobs and are looking for a change? Or like those numerous people who have had just about enough of their tyrant bosses and are desperate to get away from them? Or one of the reasons for leaving your current job is that you fall under the category of those who have silently observed and been made the proverbial scapegoat at their workplace, but now have no intention of carrying on with the same behavior? Or are you fed up of coming up with excuses to not do something that you already hate? Whichever category you come under you'll be well aware that these excuses won't really last long. And the more you postpone it, the more miserable you'll be. Am I right, or not? So let's take a look at some ridiculous methods you can employ to call it quits.
Totally Obnoxious Ways to Quit Your Job
Though workplace ethics dictate that if you're quitting your job you should hand in a duly signed resignation letter and serve the required notice period, sometimes the frustration becomes too much to handle. First of all, there is absolutely no job satisfaction whatsoever. Plus, you have to hear the long and droning speeches of your boss who has no clue that you hate your job! So why not be a little adventurous and just QUIT! I guess this is one of the few contexts in which quitting can be considered a good thing. There's no real point in extending your own wretchedness by following a mundane routine that you have no passion for. So, on that note, let us see some creative ways you can quit your job or get yourself fired, so that you can just LEAVE the place and never look back.
*Disclaimer: The ideas mentioned in this article are solely for the purpose of entertainment. The writer or the website does not propose any of them as means to intentionally hurt the sentiments of anyone and will not be responsible for any harm that may arise due to the use of any of the ideas.
  • Try out a crazy prank. I mean explore all the avenues of pranks that you possibly can in a workplace. Play these silly, stupid, really annoying pranks on your boss and/or your colleagues if you dislike them too. Then, when questioned about it, just exclaim that you cannot believe you are being accused of something so heinous, and announce that you are quitting because you cannot function in an environment filled with such mistrust.
  • Send out memos to every single person, on every single desk, and every single department and floor, saying that you are quitting.
  • Get access to the PA system when no one is around. Connect the intercom to all the departments, say that you have an important announcement to make, introduce yourself, and shout out "I QUIT!"
  • This tip is for those who have been 'planning' to quit for quite some time, but somehow never got around to doing it. Stay back late the previous evening. Go to the printer and print out fliers with the words "I QUIT" on them, in different colors. Photocopy these fliers. Decorate the entire office with the fliers like you would for a celebration. After the decoration is done, just stick the remaining ones on the walls, and if they still remain, just scatter them around the entire office, including the washrooms and housekeeping closets.
  • If it's one of those days when you get yelled at early in the morning, there's nothing like a great lunch escape to make you feel exhilarated. At lunch time, announce that you're eating out and simply don't return. When your boss contacts you on your cell phone, just send him a text saying that you quit.
  • Leave for a long and well-planned vacation and never go back to work. Even better, send your boss a postcard declaring that you quit!
  • When your alarm rings in the morning, instead of snoozing it, just turn it off and go back to sleep. Continue this for over a week and you're as good as fired.
  • If you're good with words, draft a poem or an elaborate email about why you're quitting and send it to every single person in your office email address book one day before you quit, after everyone leaves for the day.
Use any of the above mentioned ways to quit your job and you'll be free as a bird and ready to explore a new world of opportunities!