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Warning Letter to Employee for Absence

Warning Letter to Employee for Absence

Do you want to learn how to write a warning letter to employee for absence without authorization? In this article, we tell you how to write such a letter.
Tulika Nair
Following the norms and policies of a company is extremely important for every employee who works there. But when an employee crosses these lines and violates the rules of an organization, then their supervisor or the human resources department may be forced to issue a warning letter. There are many different reasons for writing a warning letter. From behavioral problems, to unsatisfactory performance, to policy violation, these could vary from time to time. Another common reason for the issuance of warning letter is unauthorized leave. In this article, we discuss the format that you need to follow in order to write a warning letter to an employee for absence.

Tips for Writing Warning Letter to Employee

Writing a warning letter can often be compared to walking a tightrope. It is important that the letter writer be strict without coming across as dictatorial or overtly authoritative. Given below are some tips that will help you when you need to write a warning letter.
  • While writing a warning letter it is important that you mention correctly the circumstances under which the employee has violated the policies of the company. It is important that the employee understands exactly why he is being pulled up.
  • Always mention the specifics of the unauthorized behavior that has taken place. You need to inform the employee exactly what action of his (or hers) was against company rules, when the incident in question took place, and also the possible consequences of the same.
  • Some warning letters also include a paragraph in which the letter writer includes information about what expectations the company has from the employee in question. Also it may be a good idea to include his past achievements and how such incidents (policy violation) could hamper his future in the company. The letter is being written not to discourage the employee but to help him understand his mistakes. This is important to remember.
  • It is also important to ensure that the conclusion of the letter is in a tone of finality leaving no scope for confusion. Most warning letters end with a demand for an explanation letter from the employee. Ensure that you also mention that a repeat of such behavior will not be tolerated.
Template and Example for Employee Warning Letter

While it is important to understand what tips to keep in mind while writing a warning letter, it is also necessary to understand the format for the same. In this section, we give you a template and an example of such a letter to help you understand the same.

Warning Letter Template
Name of the Letter Writer
Address of the Letter Writer


Name of the Addressee
Address of the Addressee

Subject: Write in brief and concise terms the reason for writing the letter


In the first paragraph mention the reason for writing the letter which in this case would be taking leave without informing the authorities which would account to insubordination and negligence.

In the second paragraph mention how this act is considered misconduct and would make him liable for action from the company. Also issue the warning in this paragraph mentioning that any such activity in the future may cause the company to take action against him.

In the final paragraph ask the employee to submit a written explanation for the leave without permission that he has taken on receiving the letter.


Name of Letter Writer

Now that you have seen a template for a warning letter to an employee who has been on uninformed leave, let us take a look at an example of a similar letter which should hopefully make the format clearer for you.

Warning Letter Example
Adam Daley
Supervisor, Stores
Galaxy Pvt. Ltd
23, Elm Street
New Jersey
New York - 342555

Date: 22nd April 2011

Ashley Joyce
Assistant Supervisor, Stores
Galaxy Pvt. Ltd
23, Elm Street
New Jersey
New York - 342555

Subject: Warning letter for leave without authorization.

Dear Ms. Joyce,

It has come to our notice that you have taken leave without permission for the past five days starting 17th April 2011. This accounts for insubordination and gross negligence and is not something that the company as a policy considers inadmissible.

Such an action of taking unauthorized leave is considered to be misconduct on your part and makes you liable for action. If such an act is repeated in the future then the company will be forced to take action against you.

We request you to kindly submit a letter explaining your action as soon as you receive this letter or as soon as you take up your position again.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Adam Daley


The tips given in this article regarding writing a warning letter to employee and the template and example should have helped you understand how such a letter should be drafted.