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Value of Employee Time Tracking Software

Kevin Gardner Oct 24, 2019
Although the time cards of the past enabled managers to track when employees clocked in and clocked out, today’s workplace requires sophisticated tools to uncover more than just the amount of hours worked before payday. Tracking software also allows team leaders and supervisors to research each member’s efficiency and productivity.

Accurate Hours

Although your staff members may work eight-hour days, employee time tracking will enable you to see how efficiently their shifts are spent. Software that works in the background on your team’s computers can improve the visibility of their performance in real-time.

Accurate Hours

This information can help you identify those not working up to their ability and provide material to simplify performance reviews. The software doesn’t simply work in management’s favor, however, since it also allows managers to track overtime hours to ensure the operators are fairly compensated.

Better Resource Use

In addition to observing individuals, time tracking software will also help you check productivity for different groups to determine which are historically over or underperforming. If one worker is spending more time on a task than expected while another seems to have hours to spare, you’ll be able to shuffle duties.
Using the charts generated by the software, employers can therefore ensure duties are delegated fairly among the staff and assign projects to those who complete them more accurately, under budget and with less difficulty.

Correct Estimates

Time software can help provide accurate and fair quotes when creating an estimate for a new client. Because the software provides you with data illustrating how much time, focus and cost a similar project will take, you’ll be able to show prospects your historical results so they’ll know you aren’t inflating the figures or pulling numbers out of thin air.

Bolstered Motivation

Diligent workers may feel discouraged when their less enthusiastic colleagues receive the same pay and praise for completed tasks. Tracking software can lead to more motivated employees as hard-working staff members know that their diligence is being noticed because of the auto-generated data.
They will also understand that their co-workers who may not be as conscientious and willfully take longer to complete tasks because they’re spending more time around the water cooler will be seen by upper management as well. Once the entire team is aware of how their performance is quickly evaluated, valuable employees will refine their work habits.

Expansion Readiness

If you’re unsure whether your company should expand, software that tracks your employees time and productivity should help you make that decision. When you see that that all of your staff members are working at capacity, it may be wise to hire another.
Data can also show you if it will be more profitable to bring on another full-time worker, part-time personnel or contractors for specific tasks. On the other hand, the program can also point out when you may need to let someone go for underperformance.

Simplified Audits

If your company is required to undergo third-party audits to comply with corporate regulations, time software will enable you to generate reports easily. Programs can compile workflow information, performance data and even financial details so you’ll be able to share them with regulators or board members via email, printed report or website file sharing.
Going beyond simply logging your employees’ hours may seem like an unnecessary step. Yet tracking not only working time but also how those periods are spent will present the bigger picture that can eventually benefit your company’s bottom line.