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Types of Team Building Activities

Types of Team Building Activities You Must Plan for Your Fellows!

Team building is essential when it comes to the working of any organization. Without a proper team at the core, there can never be any success met with any of the activities of a company. Here, we will look through some of the main types of these team building activities and the way in which they help.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019
Think about it, any organization has to have a well connected network of employees so that there is increased efficiency which then helps in the way the company runs. That is why many major organizations hold several team building activities so that they can help their employees connect better and it shows in the way the work is done.
Find the Robber game
Team building methods can be of several types and they can target varied factors of a person's personality. This is done to help create a team that understands the other and is connected at the base. Here are the varied types of team building activities for the workplace.
The Different Team Building Activities
Team building can be achieved through varied forms of activities. The characteristic factor is that these activities may target a particular feature of the human personality and thereby lead to team building - these include communication, problem solving, personality development and more. Let us study some of these in greater detail.
1. Communication Exercises
Importance of communication cannot be denied and that is the main focus of introducing these games in. These games will focus on the varied ways in which proper and effective communication can be taught to the employees. These games will teach them the ways in which they can effectively communicate their thoughts and actions so that a goal can be reached.
Game for this Exercise - Find the Robber
In this game two people are tagged and two others are taken up as volunteers, while the rest sit in a circle. One of the tagged persons is a robber while the other is the cop. Both of them are blindfolded. Of the two volunteers, one is the helper of the cop while the other is the helper of the robber.
The aim of the cop is to catch the robber, but since they are both blindfolded, they cannot move about in the circle on their own and have to be helped by the volunteers. This game teaches the tagged people to listen to the instructions and it teaches the volunteers to communicate well enough so that the tagged people understand their instructions.
2. Problem Solving Exercises
Problem solving using analytical thinking and reasoning as well as other key factors is another way in which team building can happen. Whenever there is a problem, the people are expected to work together as a team and find a solution for the same. For this purpose, problem solving activities help them analyze and think of the best way to solve a problem.
Game for this Exercise - Duplicating the Model
Several teams are used for this game. A model of any structure is prepared and kept on the side. At the blow of the whistle, one member from each team comes forth and studies the model for a predetermined time. He then goes back to his team and conveys what he has seen. The team has to then try and replicate the model.
Duplicating the Model game
After 10 minutes a second member from the team goes forth and studies the model again. This continues till the one hour time is over, or a team that has been able to replicate the model comes forth. Whichever comes first. The team that has prepared the model that is closest to the original, wins.
3. Trust Building Exercises
Trust is another important factor that is focused on in any team building activity. Trusting others in your team so that you are able to work with them and by working together you can find a solution is what these activities will teach you.
These games teach us the importance of depending and trusting others because there are many things that we cannot take up and solve by ourselves and therefore there has to be help and assistance from others.
Game for this Exercise - Free Fall
Here, one member of a team is tagged and he is taken at a height where he is strapped onto with cables and the like. The rest of the team stands down.
Free Fall game
At the blow of the whistle, the member who is at a height has to let go and fall, while his team catches him. This requires one to put a lot of trust in their teammates to know that they won't let you fall.
Another variation is to blindfold a member and make them walk through a room that is full of obstacles, while another member guides them safely from one side of the room to the other. This is another team building activity for the workplace that requires the element of trust.
These were some of the most important types of team building activities that can be used not only in the workplace, but also in any other scenario as well. Rest assured it teaches us the basics and the importance of team building.