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Two Weeks Notice Letter

Two Weeks Notice Letter

Resigning from your job by submitting a two weeks notice letter is not only a necessity but the hallmark of professional attitude. Here are some tips , along with a sample, to help you draft a letter for yourself.
Kundan Pandey
It is the time of your career, when you have realized that you have to move on from your current profession. To inform your boss, you can't convey your resignation verbally, as that is not what business etiquette is all about. Writing a two weeks notice letter, in which you request a period of 2 weeks to serve the notice period is an important document in the event of your resignation. Just like resume writing demands you to be completely aware about every word you put down, writing a resignation letter also requires you to be careful. It is essential to resign professionally, so that you don't create a negative impression upon your employer, and you're able to build a strong professional relationship with your employer. Maintaining a good professional relationship with the firm you're leaving is not a bad idea, as you never know if you may require some sort of help from your previous employer in the future.

Important Considerations

Here are some fundamental tips on writing a two weeks notice letter.
  • Stay professional, and be courteous and polite in your tone. It is possible you had some differences with the employer, but don't be spiteful. Being a professional is something that must be your identity in your career.
  • No matter what, avoid emotional, controversial, and slang language.
  • Be positive during the entire body of the letter.
  • Mention about the reason for leaving. Don't be negative about your resignation. In case, you're not satisfied with some aspects of job, you can mention them, but remember to present them positively. Don't make anything sound harsh or sarcastic. It is best not to be very specific about the reason for your resignation. You can just say that you're moving on for a better career opportunity.
  • Don't discuss your decision to resign with your coworkers before you have done it officially.
  • It is important to make a check of your firm's policies, if it requires a 2 weeks notice, or more.
  • If you think that you may not need your current employer in the future, you are wrong. The world is a global village, and you never know how acquaintances and professional relationships can help you succeed. Hence, it is ideal to resign respectfully and formally.
Sample Letter

3 December, 2010
To the HR Manager,
ABC Corporation Limited

I'm writing this letter officially to you to present forth my resignation from ABC Corporation Ltd., effective 28 December, 2010.

It has been 3 wonderful years working with ABC Corporation Ltd., and I'm indeed grateful to God that I started my career with this company. I will treasure all the beautiful memories from this company, right from the efficient and friendly seniors to an excellent bunch of colleagues and enthusiastic work culture. I'm thankful to ABC Corporation Ltd. to have given me the opportunity to work with such a fabulous company.

I will be accepting a position as Account Managers with Hindustan Unilever, Mumbai, India. While I will surely miss my friends, I feel that my new work will present before me more challenges so that I can apply the skills I have learned here in my new company. I'm leaving this job to find a career opportunity in my core field that is marketing, but I will always cherish everything I have learned in ABC Corporation Ltd.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me, through a letter or as per your comfort. I also seek to ask you for a two weeks notice period for serving the company, before finally leaving it.

Best Wishes,

In this letter, you can see that the objective of the letter is to be positive about the whole experience. All the best!