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Top 5 Places for a Corporate Team Outing Near Mumbai

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 27, 2019
Whether it’s a day-long company picnic or an overnight retreat, any corporate outing is only as enjoyable as the venue you choose for it. Here are 5 such offbeat places to take your team.

1. Manas Resort, Igatpuri

Rescue your team from the daily workload by visiting the unique setting of Manas Resort with Petting Zoo. Besides having a blast feeding and petting the resort’s big collection of furry friends (each animal more adorable than the last), your team can relax and play a variety of games, chill out in an infinity pool or enjoy the resort's own waterfall!
Besides being every animal-lover’s paradise, Manas Resort is also geared toward hosting corporate events. It has conference rooms, free WiFi and a friendly staff to help you plan your team-building seminars, activities and fun games. Everyone will bond over their shared love of animals, bringing your team closer together.

2. Della Adventure Park, Lonavala

With a long list of adrenaline-pumping activities for your employees to choose from, this park has many ways of invigorating your team’s spirit. From paintball games and fun obstacle courses, to ATV races and an archery shooting range – this place has it all.

3. Nature Knights Camping

Nature Knights has established hilltop and lakeside campgrounds at selected scenic locations around Mumbai like Lonavala, Karnala, Kolad and others. You can take your team to such serene camping spots among nature. There’s much to do at these campsites including trekking, cycling, kayaking, rafting, or rappelling.

4. Jashan Farms, Chinchavan

At this resort that accepts only group bookings, your team can kick back and enjoy each other’s company in peace. With the entire 3 acre area at your disposal, your employees can chill out in the pool or play sports and team-building games on the huge field.

5. Shangrila Resort & Waterpark, Thane

If you want your company picnic to be a splash of fun, Shangrila Waterpark has wild water slides, relaxing jacuzzis and raindancing too. Water games are always a good way to let your employees cool off and lose themselves in a day of fun.