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Top 10 Foolproof and Smart Excuses for Not Going to Work

Top 10 Excuses for Not Going to Work
Dreading to head back to work on Monday and looking for some excuse to skip it altogether? Fear not because we've got some of the best excuses which can be tried on your boss.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Physical Therapist Instructing Patient
Whenever we get the feeling of staying in bed for the day and not going to work, all we can think of is calling in sick. The "bad cold" excuse can only go so far. As it is the most violated alibi in the book, it is advisable to steer clear of it. So then, if we do want some time alone without work and other responsibilities, what should we do about it? Since many of you are familiar with this concept (of making successful reasons to stay at home or go out on a weekday), to make your story seem believable, the entire situation has to be premeditated.
For instance, you just happened to have persistent headaches for 2 days straight, body pains a day before the diabolical plan to be absent and finally, no-show on the "big day". You can make a simple headache convincing if you put your creative mind into it. And that is what we have done to present you with fun and wonderful excuses for skipping work. No matter what your reasons may be to skip work, apart from actually being sick, these top 10 excuses for not going to work will definitely yield a satisfying day off.
Ideas to Use to Skip Work... Occasionally
Faking a "sick day" is always an easier option. However, it can be tough to pull off as many of us do take proper care of what we eat and how we choose to live our lifestyles. And if you are someone who stays fit, engages in regular physical activities, and eats right, a sick day is not an option for you. So, what do we do next? Simple; you can use the following excuses which have been tried and tested (and have hit right on the mark). All you have to do is make them sound credible.
Alarm Clocks ahead of Time
Late, alarm clock
I have the habit of setting half the clocks in my house at least an hour ahead. The other half of the clocks are an hour behind. So on Saturday, I spent 18 hours in some weird space-time continuum loop and I had to relive all of Sunday. I got out of the loop after I reversed the polarity of the main source of power. I had to reset all the clocks in my house along with tapping my dog on its snout with a newspaper. Therefore, I am going to be late, or early for work.
Pickup Service
Satisfied group of business people after the meeting
Last night, my husband/wife and I went to the (name of a place) to pick a friend up who was flying in from (some state). The flight got delayed and it was really late by the time the plane landed. We had a 4 hour drive back home which took me 5½ hours to complete. By the time we reached home, it was morning and everybody was exhausted. The reason I'm calling is to tell you that I won't be coming in to work as I need to catch up on my sleep.
Mugger Ruined Everything
Last night I was in downtown (the city where you reside in). There, I was mugged by a guy who took my purse/wallet and was running away. Then I ran towards my car and followed him. He didn't like that idea and broke my car's windshield with a bat.
A Date with the Court
Judge watching prosecution in court
My husband/wife had a court date. It was a rough time for both of us, as his/her ex was also present at the court. These past few days have been really trying for everyone in the house. So I would want you to be understanding and excuse me for not coming in for work today.
Emergency Room Calling
Asian man picking ear.
I apologize that I have to send a message and can't tell you this personally, but I have a bit of a problem. Accidentally, I got the Q-tip's end stuck inside my ear. I am in the ambulance, on my way to the emergency room. Once the doctors get the Q-tip out of my ear, I will let you know how it went.
Need My Spouse
Smiling Woman With Cast Sits in a Wheelchair
Call your boss or office and tell them: I fell down the steps in my apartment/house. I think I have hurt my back very badly as I can't even get up. Can you please call my husband/wife and tell him to come help me and take me to the hospital immediately. (A double bonus)
Taking Care of Business
The woman and big group of a beagle puppies
Since I am living at home with my parents, I have to take care of the house till they come back from their vacation. So for the next 4 days, I have to go home early because my parents are out of town and I need to take care of their 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 4 birds. They don't like being left alone in the house.
Head Spinning
Business woman stress and headache
I won't be able to come to work today. The thing is, yesterday, I was cleaning my shower. I think that the fumes from the strong cleaner are making me nauseous and I have been feeling very disoriented.
Need Space
Happy young Asian woman shopping.
I can't come in today due to some personal/feminine reasons. Say it in a very concerned and serious tone of voice. It will definitely discourage any further questions from your boss' side, assuming he/she has even a grain of emotion.
Missing a Day
Woman reading newspaper
Yesterday, I forgot to take the Sunday paper inside. So this morning when I went outside to get the paper, I thought it was Sunday when I read the newspaper. By the time I figured it out that it is in fact Monday, it was too late.
How to Convince Your Boss
Even though, you apply a foolproof technique and come up with the best excuse for getting out of work, there are still certain points to be considered. What I mean to explain here is that before you make the call to your boss, we want you to work on some specific details.
  1. Your tone of voice while making the phone call.
  2. Your story cannot have an impossible/unbelievable explanation.
  3. The time spent in planning the excuse.
  4. Making sure that you have a backstory ready.
  5. Not to change the story/excuse once you do return to work.
  6. Make up an excuse that leaves no room for questions and doubts.
Of course, once you do begin to frame a strong story for your excuse to miss work, you will easily understand why all these points are necessary. Many times, we wish to take an impromptu getaway with family/friends, want to stay home and spend a lazy day, or just take time off work and all the stress. When you're in the mood to skip work and take a little "me time", we've got your back. Just be careful while using any of the above mentioned excuses or any other you may think. You don't want to hurt or upset anyone by making up any fictional stories. Remember, if anyone did find out that your excuse was a lie and you get caught, your reputation can be jeopardized. So keep your integrity at work intact and don't make it into a habit.