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Want to Avoid Being Late for Work? Here are 9 Awesome Tips

9 Tips to Avoid Being Late for Work
Punctuality is a great virtue, they say. Unfortunately, there are many people, who more often than not are late to work. If you too are struggling likewise, here's how to bring a positive change in your life and avoid being late.
Neha Deshmukh
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018
Did you know?
According to 64% Americans, 'tardiness' is an acceptable reason for being fired, and a company can get you fired without a warning for being late, if you are an 'at will' employee.
There are people who are always on time - come rain, hail or a storm. They are right on time, not a second here or there. One would think that have a magic carpet of some sort to go through packed streets and swarms of people, and a magic wand too. Otherwise, in all the rush, how would you explain their spotless, freshly-ironed clothes and perfect hair. 
No matter how fast and efficiently we get our things done, the clock seem to be just against us all the time. If You bring a major change in your schedule, then somehow you can manage your time better. If you too are constantly rushing to reach office on time, then here are some fabulous tips for you.
Keep the Outfit Ready
Keep the Outfit Ready
For many men and women, deciding on what to wear for the day is a monstrously befuddling task. Even if you are not one of them, and take just a few minutes to pick an outfit, those precious few minutes can be saved too.
So, decide on what to wear - shirt, trousers, or skirt, and the accessories (tie, shoes, purse, and other stuff). Make sure they are washed (duh!) and ironed. If you are a lady, select the jewelry too. It is surprising how much of a time-drain those little earrings can be.
Buy Two Alarms
Two Alarms
It is so easy to just hit the 'stop' button on an alarm and go back to sleep - even when it is set on 'snooze'. After all, it is right by your side; just extend the hand, grab the clock, and press random buttons, and its as quiet as a dead phone.
So why not make sure the alarm really wakes you up? Buy another alarm clock, set it about 5 minutes after the bedside alarm, and place it on the cabinet right opposite your bed, so that you have to get out of that cozy bed and walk a couple of paces. Do make sure that the far-alarm is loud enough to wake you up.
Set the Alarms Earlier
sleeping woman and alarm clock
Just 15 minutes early. You will be amazed by just how much can be accomplished in those 15 minutes - after all, they have 900 seconds in them. If you have that extra cushion, you won't feel as pressured, and do things much more smoothly with a bit more insight.
Cut Down on Chores
agenda paper and pen
Mornings are, as it is, a groggy time. In that, if you intend to do a zillion chores, then you are bound to get late and make mistakes. So, make a list of what your morning activities are, and then arrange them from the most important to the least.
Then note down how much time each of them would take. If, for example, you are cleaning your car and vacuuming the house every morning; then do that on alternate days. On Mondays clean the car, Tuesdays vacuum, and so on.
Make Some Small Changes
work list and clock
Make a list of chores and note the time it takes for you to do them. Look at the list, which of them is taking the most time? In majority of cases, it would be getting groomed for work.
How about spending five minutes less in the shower - you will also help the environment by reducing water wastage. The next time-drainer might be breakfast. Are you making it from scratch? Save time by prepping the kitchen the night before - sort out the things you'd need and keep them together, so you don't waste time hunting for them.
Time Travel - 10 Minutes in Future
Ten Minutes
Set all the devices you have that display time - from the phone, wrist watch, radio, to your laptop, ten minutes ahead, and promptly forget that you set them ahead. The forgetting part is crucial. This way, you'll think you are late ten minutes before you actually are, and start doing things faster.
Don't Skip Breakfast
If possible, try to fix up a hot breakfast. Scrambled or fried eggs with toast and beans just takes a few minutes to make.
For the super-rushed days, keep a box of high-fiber breakfast handy. Don't forget to top it with a few pieces of fruit. If even that is a bit of a hassle, buy a bag of frozen berries and add them to your cereal, for an early morning antioxidant boost.
Sleep Early
man sleeping on bed
More than 30% of people in the US are sleep deprived. Chances are, you are one of them, making it difficult for you to get up on time.
It can also make you slow and dazed. So, if you sleep early and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, you will be much, much quicker, and reach your workplace well on time.
Assume Everything Will Go Wrong
Wear the pessimist glasses and think what could go wrong. Will you run out of gas? Check the gas level and make sure it is enough. Will there be a traffic jam?
Start 30 minutes early to arrive unscathed at the office. Maybe, you will be going around in circles, looking for a parking space. Again start early - a lot of parking spaces will be empty if you arrive well before time.
Getting late sometimes is bound to happen, but more often than not, it is completely avoidable. By following these simple tips, you will definitely stop rushing to office and arrive on time.