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Tips on Organizing Your Office Space

Tips on Organizing Your Office Space

Organizing your office space is not simple and at the same time not very difficult! A few good habits and it will always be spic and span. Find a few tips in this article.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Office, it is the place where you spend most of the time of your day working, trying to achieve the set targets. Now picture the situation at the end of the month, when you literally have to work at a robot's pace and you're unable to find the file you were supposed to work on. You search and search but cannot find that file. Eventually, you end up working on the file again. Poor you! Now imagine the frustration you will have to face in case you find that particular file later in the next month! What led to this situation you had to encounter? Lack of organization is the only reason for this overwork you had to do. So to avoid facing this situation in the future, take some time to organize your office. Another reason you should organize your office space is that it will boost your mood and performance also. A well-organized space would help you do your daily work in a more efficient and productive way.

But how do you proceed with the organization? It's actually simple; and if you don't know the right ways, I am here to help you sort things. It takes less time, and is actually an activity that you should undertake at least once in a month. And once you get used to the organized environment, you would surely do it yourself every month! So let's proceed to organize the office.

Dispose the Clutter...
As a first step to organization, take a glance at your surroundings. Distinguish between the useful things and the clutter. You would notice that you actually have more clutter than useful things! Throw away those unnecessarily accumulated papers, empty the stapler pins box, the useless pens and pencils and the other countless useless things you have gathered. This will create space for new 'useful' things and will give your office an organized look.

Clean the Place...
The next step to organize the office is cleaning. Once you have disposed off all the clutter, ask the office help to clean your space. Make sure all the cobwebs have been cleaned and the dust in the window panes and table has been removed. Your office space is now ready for 'organization'. I have listed some tips you should keep in mind while cleaning the office.

Organizing Tips...
Let's take into consideration your office cubicle now. All the things in the cubicle should be placed such that you don't have to run around to find things. Take a look...
  • The things that you require more often should be placed such that you have easy access to them. Pens and pencils, stapler, glue, stamp and other things that you need more often should be placed in the upper compartment of the drawer. It would be better if you have the drawer at your dominant hand side, so that it can be easily accessed.
  • In the other compartments of the drawer you should keep the spare things, like refills etc., The spare things should always be ready so that you don't have to suffer because of the shortage of supplies when you need them.
  • Make use of various accessories like trays, pen stands and file folders to keep your stuff neatly organized.
  • Make it a point that you have everything that is necessary on the platform of your table. This includes the things you will be working on at that point of time. Files, important business cards should be kept on the table. The placing of the phone should also be on the dominant hand side.
  • If you have a desktop on your table make sure that the wires have not entangled with one another. Yes, it does give an organized look to the office.
  • If you have a book shelf in your cubicle, make it a point that you only have the required and necessary books in it. Do not jam the shelf with unnecessary books. This will give your cubicle the least organized look.
  • Once you are done working on a file, keep that file aside to lessen the clutter on the table.
  • A calendar is a must in your office cubicle and should ideally be placed at a position such that you have an easy glance at it.
  • Last but not the least important step in office organization, keep your office cubicle decorated with appropriate wall hangings and frames. This will give you a good feeling and will help to keep your mood refreshed throughout the day.
These were some office organization tips I could think of. As I had said earlier, office organization should be a routinely performed activity. And you should also not overdo it, and waste time keeping the things organized. So, ready for organization? All the best!
Cubicle wall decorated