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Tips for Making Your Office Employee-Friendly

Kevin Gardner Oct 24, 2019
Your employees are a vital component of your success. Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive ones. They’re more likely to be motivated, creative, and put in the extra effort to get tasks done. They can help your company to make more money.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, employees who are unhappy or disengaged can end up costing your company a substantial amount. Happy employees enjoy coming to work. They like their office and their work environment. Here are a few tips on how you can make your office more employee-friendly.

Keep the Office Clean

Over time, it’s easy to let papers, supplies, and equipment pile up. When your office is cluttered, your employees are likely to lose motivation and become less productive. Clean up the office space. Get rid of broken equipment and organize scattered papers. A cleaner space is more pleasant.

Bring in the Light

Natural light can do wonders for your employees. Studies have shown that being exposed to natural light can help to boost energy. If you’re looking to rent Chicago office space, look for spaces that have plenty of large windows. The more natural light getting inside your office, the better.

Add Some Nature

Bring the outdoors inside with greenery. Bringing nature in can liven up the environment, keeping it from looking dull or sterile. Potted plants are great for improving air quality in the office. Indoor plants can also help employees to feel happier and less stressed.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Even just a few touches of color to the walls can help to liven up the space and make it welcoming. The types of colors you choose can elicit certain feelings. For instance, bright colors like oranges and reds are energizing. Blues create a more tranquil environment. Earth tones can help to create a comfortable space.

Schedule Regular One-on-One Meetings

Meeting your employees individually has been shown to boost productivity and employee satisfaction. During these meetings, you get to know your employees and can help them grow. These meetings are the perfect opportunity for employees who might not feel comfortable speaking up in a group situation to discuss concerns or ideas.

Encourage Wellness

Healthy employees are generally happier. Consider introducing initiatives that promote health. There are some programs developed specifically for the workplace. You can also help to encourage healthy behaviors by doing things such as creating a list of healthy restaurants nearby or bringing in a yoga instructor once a month.

Get Out of the Office

Even with a great office space, never underestimate the power of getting out once in a while. Hold your meetings outside. Take your employees out to lunch. Schedule a day of fun and team building.Getting out of the office once in a while can help to greatly improve happiness in the workplace.
Making your office space employee-friendly can help to make your team happier. When they’re happier, they’re more productive. They’ll enjoy coming to work and boost the success of your company.