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Timesheets for Employees

Timesheets for Employees

Monthly timesheets for employees are essential to keep a tab on their daily performance during office hours. This article provides valuable information regarding importance and a basic structure of a timesheet.
Charlie S
The competition between business houses and companies, belonging to different sectors of the economy, has increased tremendously. Every company tries its best to improve its services offered to customers, by taking efforts on various fronts, to overcome its competitors. However, an organization can post good results, only if its employees are dedicated and sincere at their work. Non-performing ones are certainly an added burden to the organizations. Thus, maintaining timesheets can be a way of tracking their daily work, and deciding whether their overall performance is up to the mark or not.


Every organization has a fixed office time for its employees, which is expected to be followed by everyone. However, there might be cases when people do not complete their work hours. The timesheets help to calculate the number of hours for which a particular person has worked in a day. They are basically Excel sheets, in which employees have to enter their starting and ending time of work. Once this is done, the software automatically calculates the number of hours for which they worked. Generally, this software also has provisions for the overtime or extra working hours done by the employees.

They also enter the work done on that particular day. If a person does more than one task, he enters them one after the other in the space provided for the same. The time taken to complete each task has to be entered separately, and their grand total is equal to the total working hours. In almost all organizations, these sheets are closely monitored by senior people from the human resource department. A well-maintained and truly written timesheet, is indeed an indicator of the dedication and sincerity of an employee, towards his job. Employers can immediately know if a person has low productivity, by checking the details in his sheet. If irregularities and undisciplined actions are found, the concerned person is counseled by the human resource manager immediately.


These sheets have several rows and columns. At the extreme top, the employee name and employee code are present, provided by the company. Below this, there are some instructions concerning filling up of this sheet. Generally, people are asked to write 'LEAVE' or 'HALF DAY' with a particular color, if they had taken one. The first row starts with the date, followed by day, starting time, work details, ending time, and total hours. Once a month is over, the same format is to be filled for the next month. Many reputed companies have fingerprint scanners, which can help detect any false details mentioned by employees.

The timesheets are certainly the best way to monitor the employee productivity at the workplace. Their time management can be beneficial for the larger interests of the company.