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14 Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You, But You SHOULD Know

14 Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You
Your boss plays a pivotal role in your career. A good boss can be a wonderful mentor who helps you make the right move. However, your boss cannot tell you all the secrets, and there are some things they will never say to you on your face.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018
A good boss will appreciate inputs from his employees, give feedback, delegate work, and motivate the employees to perform better. On the other hand, a bad boss will never welcome change, not pay heed to ground-level problems, and perhaps even steal the credit of the employees.
At the workplace, everyone has to be on their toes. In this era of cut-throat competition and highly fluctuating economic conditions, everyone is prying on high-paying jobs.
In the earlier generation, there were more instances of employees sticking to one organization. These days, with myriad of career options open, job-hopping has become more common.
However, the way we portray a rosy picture of ourselves at the interviews, and hide some things from our bosses, there are some things that even our bosses don't tell us. The reasons can be many, right from management regulations to personal opinions.
While some good bosses might give an honest opinion in the performance reviews and help the employees grow, some bosses might not be successful in having a rapport with their employees.
The way other relationships impact our personal life, the boss-employee relationship may have a direct impact on our career. A boss who acts as a mentor may guide you to make wise decisions in your career.
Things Your Boss Won't Tell You
They Need You!
The way you need a good employer, they need good employees too. Remember, we all make our contribution to the work, and it is the ground-level people who do the real job. They need you, but bosses will deny to say that on your face. You've more power than you think. They do need you, unless they have much better performing employees who can do your work.
There is Going to be a Little Bit of Bias
Motherhood penalty is bound to be there. Statistics indicate that working mothers are paid less than their childless counterparts. The famous female-male pay gap is also known to all. Moreover, bosses will never tell you that on your face, and results may be a little biased.
Boss is (NOT) Always Your Friend
You may have a great and friendly boss, but that does not imply he tells you everything. In the end, the boss has his own share of responsibilities. Moreover, your boss also has his boss to report to, and he may have to take decisions according to him/her.
Age Does Matter
The organization is always on the lookout of younger and fresh talent, one of the reasons being that they're available cheaper. The way we look out for an organization that pays us more, even the organization has its own budget. Gone are the days when employees worked for one organization all their life.
You Can Get Things Done
Your boss won't tell you when to strike the iron. The right moment and the right person is important to get the promotion or salary hike that you want. Of course, your boss cannot always guide you on that. If you've a good boss, he/she will ensure that you get the fair share of hike as per your performance.
They Know What We Do At Our Desks
We're probably innocently unaware of the fact that our bosses know what we're up to while at our desks. You might be checking your social profiles, and remain blissfully oblivious to the fact that your actions are known to them. Your boss might not warn you, but these things make a difference when it comes to your growth in the organization.
Dress Right!
You might be allowed to wear casuals to your office, but that does not imply that you come dressed up for a party. You've to be dressed like you mean serious work. There is something called 'office decorum'.
It's Not Always Your Performance That Matters
There are some things which bosses wish they could tell you about, but cannot, to maintain confidentiality. Sadly, even your boss may be a victim of circumstances and policies, and you may not realize it. A reiteration, your boss may have to satisfy the wishes and whims of his boss, and cannot give you that desired promotion even if he wants to.
Why You're Being Micromanaged
You might be wondering why it is only your work that is subject to so many reviews and checks. You might be micromanaged because you made some serious mistakes at work. Of course, his job is to get the work done right, even if it means interfering in a little bit of your freedom.
The Organization is Going Through a Crisis
Even if your organization is going through a financial crisis, perhaps, your boss is not allowed to disclose it to the employees, unless the higher authorities make an official announcement of the same.
Attitude Matters
Attitude is equally important. If you're merely a cribber, and think of limitations before performing, you might be at risk. Every employer wants an employee with a positive attitude, and not complaint boxes who cannot deal with work stress.
You Might Lose Your Job
Now if the company is cost-cutting, and you seem to be the under-performer to them, your boss cannot really help you in this case, and you might be downsized, perhaps, without any forewarning.
He/She is Leaving the Organization
Your boss might not inform you that he/she is leaving the organization, simply because he does not want your work to be impacted. He/she might also have been advised by his boss to not inform you about the change.
Probably They Know When You're Faking Illness
The next time you're thinking of faking illness, think twice. In an era of social networking, you might end up in a soup, if your friend happens to tag you in a photo at a restaurant. Your bosses might not let you know that they're tracking you down, yet, you know where it impacts: salary hikes and promotions!
Shock and Aww
This is not an exhaustive list of things a boss will never tell his employees, and definitely, it is not specific to any type of boss or organization in particular. While some bosses hide some things from the employees due to various constraints, there are others who prefer to be open and transparent about everything they say or do.