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Whoah! 10 Detrimental Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Boss

Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss
There are certain things that you just don't say at work, especially in front of your boss. It doesn't matter how right it seems in your head, if you are unsure about the impact it is going to have once blurted out, it is better left as a thought. Think twice before saying the following statements to your boss.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018
Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.
Ambrose Bierce
The 'Think Before You Speak' policy has proved helpful in many areas of life, and at work it can surely be a lifesaver. Saying certain wrong things to your boss can really damage your career. It doesn't matter if you are on great terms with your superiors, or are buddies after office.
Never forget one thing - your boss will be your boss, and the rule of thumb says that you should always think twice before speaking in front of an authoritative figure.
If you really want to rise up in the organization, and always be in the good books of your boss, it is essential to get a hold of that tongue. Remember it is your boss you are talking to, and they have a natural talent of remembering all wrong things employees say and do. Here are things you should never say to your boss, if you want to be happy in your job.
I am Bored
Bored Woman
Life and work do get monotonous at times, but the office is not a place to whine about such stuff. It doesn't matter how bored you are, or how dead your professional life seems, ensure that the news of your boredom doesn't reach your boss.
Showing signs of boredom is one of the easiest ways to show that you are looking out for a new job. If you really have nothing better to do, be proactive and ask for some additional tasks to do. Don't just sit around and complain about boredom, there are many things you can do to pass time, if you are ready to do them.
It is Not My Job
Understand that not everything is perfect in life, and sometimes, you do need to put in a few extra hours to perform additional tasks. Hence, never say that it isn't your job to draft the mail or complete your colleague's report.
This is the attitude that makes a person sound selfish, and limits him/her from opportunities that might lead to career advancements. So what if you did someone else's job once? Always remember that you are a team player, and your prime motive is success. If your hands are full with assignments, politely ask your boss to enlist the priority tasks first.
Always remember that you are a team player, and your prime motive should be its success. If your hands are really full with other assignments, politely ask your boss to enlist the priority tasks first.
It is Impossible. I Can't Do It
Tensed Employee
The statement conveys a certain kind of resistance in the voice; also saying no to a task displays a pessimistic attitude, something that isn't appreciated in a professional environment.
You can be handed a difficult project anytime in your career, and even though you think it is impossible, there is no need to convey this out loud. If your boss senses your resistance, he/she can give it to someone else, and if that person can make it happen, you are doomed.
Regardless of how difficult the task assigned may seem, be proud of yourself because it means that your boss trusts you. Tell him/her that you will try to finish it soon, and give regular updates about your progress.
This Isn't Fair
Life is unfair, but you are living it daily without grievances. Unfairness is a harsh reality that happens every day, and you need to learn to live with it. For instance, when a colleague gets promoted and you don't, complaining to your employer about unfairness isn't a good idea.
Instead of whining about the success of your counterpart, start working twice as hard, and make yourself an invaluable asset. However, if something is genuinely bothering you, ensure that you document your case with facts, and present it in a professional manner.
It isn't the words that always do the damage. Sighing clearly shows irritation, and can prove extremely unhealthy for your professional career. Let's be honest here, even you would get angry if you ask for someone's help, and you get a heavy sigh in return.
Sighing shows how unprofessional someone can be, and if you really want to be on good terms with your colleagues and your boss, stop sighing. Immediately.
I am Overqualified for this Job
Looking at the present condition of the economy, if you are currently employed, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Although you do feel that you are overqualified for the task given, complaining to your superior about it will probably put you in more trouble.
The important thing here is to get the job done on time. Failing to do so will only display your shortcomings, and in addition, the overqualified complaint shows that you are unwilling to respect your boss, and gives him/her an excuse to fire you.
It was Nothing
Successful meeting
Your boss calling you to appreciate your efforts is a rare occurrence, but whenever it does happen, don't just shrug it off.
There are many of us who are simply uncomfortable in taking credit for our own achievements, and if you don't think that your achievements are a big deal, no one else will. It isn't about showing off in front of the entire office, but there is no harm in giving yourself a high five after every success.
Can You Please Tell Joe/Megan to Lower the Music
What is this? Fifth grade? And do you see your boss as your teacher, who will come to the rescue every time you get stuck? Grow up.
If you are having a personal problem with a co-worker, handle it on your own, don't expect your boss to step in and maintain peace. If you can't handle the problem, asking the boss for some suggestions is fine, but avoid dragging him/her in your personal issues.
I Don't Get Paid Enough
Never in your wildest dreams say this, unless you want your boss to fire you that instant. First of all, statements like these will have no impact on your boss. On the contrary, he/she might start picturing you as this whiny, frustrated employee, and start listing out your professional shortcomings. Save this statement for the people who care.
Care for Some Gossip!
Nobody likes a rat or snitch in the office, and that includes your boss. Thinking about impressing him/her with some juicy personal details about your co-workers is not going to get you anywhere.
You are here to do a job, and it is advised you do that. Don't keep a tab on everyone's personal life. FYI: Corporate Karma does exist, and will surely come to bite you someday.
These are some statements that should never be said to an employer. Also, don't expect a raise or promotion with this unprofessional attitude; these statements may seem pretty normal to you, but they possess the ability to put your career in reverse gear.