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10 Harmful Things You Should Never Say to a Co-worker

Things You Should Never Say to a Co-worker
Disturbed about something that's happened to you at the workplace? Need to talk to someone about your feelings? Co-workers can be great people to talk to, but mind your words when doing so. You may land in trouble for saying some unnecessary things!
Bindu swetha
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
Quick Tip
"You look hot!" - passing such comments on your co-worker's physical appearance in a derogatory fashion is a complete no-no.
You have just had a meeting with your boss and it didn't go that well. You storm out of his cabin, reach your desk, and start saying unpleasant things about your job and even the company!
You express it so loudly that your neighbours are able to hear every single word of yours! The next thing you know is that you are either fired from your job or are suspended for a few days. The reason? Expressing not-so-good feelings to your co-workers.
Your comments might be a momentary burst of emotions, but it did reach the management and were definitely not taken positively! You might have come across many such situations where the things you said hampered your image.
Refrain from saying things to your co-workers which may prove fatal for your image and job. We have mentioned such statements, which is best avoided when you are talking to your colleagues!
"I heard XYZ is dating ABC!"
Why are you worried dear? Peeping into someone's life is not a good thing to do, and if that someone is your colleague, then you should definitely not say these things.
You can be termed as the gossip king/queen. You don't want to earn that reputation, do you? And if the management comes to know that you are a gossip monger, your career may be in trouble. Also, if a co-worker of yours gives you this piece of information, it is advisable to refrain from passing any comments. Who knows, the comments might reach the couple!
"I am too busy."
There is nothing wrong in saying the truth, but saying it in the right way is the most important thing. Though your intention in saying that you are preoccupied is clean, this statement will always be taken in the negative stride.
You will come across as someone who is rude, mean, and all such similar adjectives! If your colleague comes to you when you are busy, you can politely inform him/her that you will get back once you are done with the work at hand.
But do remember to get back to your co-worker later, else you will hurt them further and you may be considered as someone who doesn't keep his/her promises.
"This is not how the work was done in my last company."
Comparing your previous company with the current one will give your colleagues an impression that you are still in love with your earlier company. And if this is the case, then why did you change your job in the first place?
There may be some procedures that were followed in your old company that you appreciated. And if you want to initiate the same practices in your current firm, inform the management about it, instead of cribbing.
Also, your co-workers will feel you are boasting that you worked with a better recruiter, and may be you will be termed the Mr. Know-it-all or Ms. Know-it-all! You don't want to be referred to in that way, do you?
"My boss is a total jerk".
This one will cost you your job, that's guaranteed! You cannot get away by passing rude comments about your boss, even if you commented in front of a few of your "friends".
Every company's management has a watch on what their employees say or do. So, these words of yours are sure to reach their ears in no time. If you are really angry on your boss due to some reason, the best option would be to take the rest of the day off and allow yourself to calm down.
Losing half a day's salary is better than losing your job altogether! Also, remember that you are commenting on the same person who recruited you in the first place. If you have some issues with your boss, it is always advisable to talk it out with him. This will only help change things for the good.
"I am uncomfortable when XYZ is around."
It is not wrong to share your feelings about someone whose presence makes you uncomfortable. But, it is advisable to inform the authorities if your discomfort is affecting your work.
This may be a case of mental harassment, and you mustn't ignore someone's unnecessary advances towards you. But, if the discomfort is out of some other reason like the person being your ex or someone who behaves rudely with you, etc.
It is recommended that you stay away from situations where that colleague is involved. Whining away will lead you nowhere, and your colleagues may perceive you as someone who cannot adjust with others.
"I have a new boyfriend!"
Your excitement about getting into a new relationship is understandable, but why discuss it with people who are not even related to it. And if you have just joined the organization and the people there are new to you, it is highly recommended that you should not discuss your personal life.
Many people will not be interested in your personal life, and the ones who are interested will only use it as a fodder for the office gossip. You don't want to provide your colleagues a new topic to discuss at the coffee machine and during breaks, do you?
If you have spent substantial amount of time at the office and have made some really good friends, then you can share these things with them. But make sure that no one overhears your conversations!
"Is she pregnant/ Are you pregnant?"
C'mon, every (married) lady who has a bulged tummy is not pregnant! This is the most common mistake that most of us make and fall flat on our face when we are informed the (actual) truth.
Imagine the embarrassment that the lady has to face when she's asked such a question. If she is really pregnant, you will know about it when she discloses the secret. Till then, keep your inquisitiveness under control.
By saying such a thing, you are actually pointing out that the lady has immensely gained weight. The fact that women are not good at handling "weight-related comments" is a universally known fact!
"Are you moving in with your boyfriend?"
Sharing or asking details related to one's personal life is not advisable in the corporate arena. This may be your way of showing your closeness/fondness towards your co-worker, but such personal questions may not be taken in positive stride, every time.
And if you are expecting answers for such questions, be prepared to answer a few yourself. Also, be considerate about the place and time before you ask the question.
If you ask this question in front of a large group of co-workers, you may get a rude reply because not everyone wants their personal details to be disclosed in front of others. The best advice would be to avoid getting into such arguments.
"This is not a part of my job profile."
Everyone has a defined job profile when they join a firm, and we are expected to perform all the activities that fall under this profile. But many times, we come across situations where there is a need to undertake activities outside our profile.
This request may come from your seniors or juniors, and if you bluntly refuse it, the reaction may be taken negatively. Refusing to help your co-workers may project you as someone who isn't ready to undertake extra responsibilities. Make sure you put your point across properly, in case you are extremely busy with your own work.
"We are doomed."
A pessimist is not the right person to hang out with if you are the kind who gets influenced easily. Dissatisfaction amongst employees is a common scenario in every company, but expressing your feelings in front of every second person in the office will definitely prove fatal for your job.
You may not like your job, but is there any point in cribbing about it? You will only increase your dissatisfaction and feel less interested in your work, thus affecting your performance.
Also, you never know if the person whom you are expressing your feelings to is a genuine person or not. He/she may use your comments to damage your image in front of the management.
Saying all this doesn't mean you should sit tight-lipped at work. Otherwise, you will be termed as a self-centered person! Give yourself time to know the people around you, and only then, trust them to share your feelings. Don't venture into troubled waters until you are pretty sure that your comments will not hamper your professional image.