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Things You Should Never Do At a Workplace

Things You Should Never Do At a Workplace
Doesn't matter where you are, there is no excuse for not following the basic protocol of the place. One of those places where this is essential is your workplace. Today, get a look at some things you should never do at work.
Komal Bakhru
There are dos and don'ts for every place that you could ever go to. Sometimes, those rules are required, at other times, they aren't. That said, one of the many places where these guidelines most definitely must be paid heed to, is at your workplace. People often tend to forget that no matter how lenient a workplace it may be, there has to be a level of professionalism that must be followed. Unfortunately though, the increasing rarity of workplace etiquette is something that needs to be checked and brought to order. There is nothing even remotely appealing about a colleague who indulges in incessant talking or noise. But those qualities are not even the tip of the iceberg. There's more to this which must be paid attention to. Today, why not take a look at some of those things you should never do at work.
Top Ten Things You Should Never Do at Work
Truth be told, a list made up of 'what not to do' items could turn out endless, therefore, here is a list of some of the top things to avoid at a workplace.
#1. Do Not Talk Loudly
No, it doesn't necessarily hurt to be opinionated about everything, but if there's one thing that people around you are not interested in, it is listening to your two cents on every last issue in the world. Great, if you are well read on a lot of matters, but trust me, keep your voice down. You may not realize the intensity of the noise you make, but it is important to understand that there are a lot of people sharing the same space as you, and you could be distracting them while they work. Nobody appreciates being disturbed when they are half way through something important. It is Annoying!!
#2. Do Not Gossip
This one is perhaps the most distasteful thing to indulge in, in your professional life. Do not forget, you go to your workplace for one thing only, to work! What a certain colleague does in his or her personal life has never been any of your business, and that is what it should be left at. Unless someone is looking to share their personal affairs with you, do not probe. In any case, since when does someone else's life help you grow professionally? That apart, if you aren't quite the one to start all that gossip or those rumors, make sure you stay away from discussing anything that you may have heard about someone else too.
#3. Do Not Refuse to take Responsibility for Your Mistakes
If you've made a mistake, have the courage to own up to it. No matter what, make sure that you do not blame someone else for your mistake. Not only will it create a certain awkwardness between you and your co-workers, it is also downright immature and unprofessional to behave in a manner like such. Undoubtedly, it may seem embarrassing to own up to something, especially if it is in front of a bunch of other people, but once it's done, people will get on with their life and forget about any odd incident. You must remember that doing this most definitely beats blaming someone else and being looked at as someone who cannot be trusted again.
#4. Do Not Meddle in Someone Else's Work
Everybody has their own method of working, leave them to it. If it is not a team project, how a fellow worker chooses to work is his/her business only. Do not tell them how to work. This point holds valid especially in cases where the work is more thinking related, rather than a mindless work or even simple clerical work. However, if you must approach your colleague for something utterly important, you can rest assured that they will not mind and would willingly help you, if it is something that they can help you with. On the other hand, disturbing someone just because you're in the mood to make small talk is just wrong.
#5. Do Not Call in Sick when You Aren't
If you need a day off, be honest about it. Calling in sick when you aren't is not quite the smartest thing to do. For starters, you cannot be terribly ill one day, and alive and kicking the next. It seems shady. What makes it even more suspicious is when you took the day off under the pretext of being unwell and you show up at work the next day like you've just gotten back from a relaxing day at the spa or maybe you show up in a brand new set of clothes because you hit the jackpot at the sales at some of your favorite stores. Plain and simple, it is a bad idea! Even so, if you do this, do not brag about it to anybody. You never know when it may slip out of somebody's mouth.
#6. Do Not Show Up if You are Sick
Faking a sick day is not cool, but if there's one thing that makes for being worse than that, it is trying to be excessively noble and showing up when you truly are very ill. Believe me when I say, nobody wants to spend 8 or 9 hours around a person who is a walking carrier of germs. Nobody fancies falling ill, it's as simple as that. When you are ill, do what's expected of you, and take a day or two off. It will be greatly appreciated by all that spend their working hours around you.
#7. Do Not Misuse the Technology You're Exposed to
Your employers trust you to be responsible when they hire you. Just because you have free access to the Internet, phones, and any other form of technology, do not believe that it is there to keep you entertained. Spending endless hours on social networking sites, or checking your personal emails are unacceptable. In case of an urgency or on a rare occasion, nobody would haul you up for it, but as mentioned, such behavior must be restricted to moments of absolute urgency. You must respect the fact that your employers consider you trustworthy, and it is up to you to keep up with that faith they have in you.
#8. Do Not Hit on Your Boss/Employee
I wouldn't know why people need to be informed about this, but the fact of the matter is, either a lot of people truly do not understand this, or very simply choose to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to it. While doing either, hitting on your boss or even employee for that matter is wrong, the latter is unquestionably worse and can lead to some serious consequences. Do yourself a favor and stay away from any such form of drama. At your workplace, it is not required. Save any semblance of romance or flirting to your life outside your workplace.
#9. Do Not Look for a Potential Soulmate
A lot of you may consider this point pointless, but look around and you will find a lot of people who think any new place is some form of socializing ground. 'Professional networking' seems reasonable, even acceptable, social networking... NO! If you are looking to get excessively pally with someone, maybe a professional environment is not for you. Friendship is permissible, but that is what you must try to leave it at. Getting attracted to someone you spend most of your day with is normal, and that can be overlooked, but that only holds valid when it is in the natural flow of things, and not a forced attempt at hooking up with one of your colleagues.
#10. Do Not Show up Dressed like a Mess
You're lucky if you are amongst the few who are allowed to go to work casually dressed. Being dressed formally all the time can get aggravating every now and again, so yeah, thank your stars if your workplace permits everyday to be as casual as a Friday. Then again, do not show up badly dressed. This rule applies to all. Even being dressed in jeans and a tee allows you more than sufficient options so you have no reason to show up at work looking all raggedy. Basic well fitted denims, nice shirts, and most importantly, well-kept shoes, that's all you need. Doesn't matter if you're wardrobe is a limited one, just make sure you wear a neat appearance at all times.
The basics of all that you need to know regarding things you should never do at work are pretty much all in there. You need to bear in mind that the purpose of any workplace is work, and that any extracurricular activities that you may want to indulge in should be on your own time, and not company time. Make sure you keep up with all that's mentioned in the given list, and you should be good to go.
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