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Things Only People Who Work Bizarre Hours Can Relate To

Things Only People Who Work Bizarre Hours Can Relate To
If you are grumbling about the difficulties of a 9 to 5 job, you need to enlighten yourself with the difficulties that are faced by people who work shifts or weird hours. This Workspirited article enlists some things that only people who work at bizarre hours will understand.
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 15 million Americans work in permanent night shifts or rotate between shifts encompassing bizarre working hours.
They work on weekends, they work during the weekdays. They work in the afternoon, or all through the night, struggling to concentrate with myriad cups of coffee. They are the ones who work at what the laymen terms 'ungodly hours'. Unlike the regular morning to evening schedule, this working population earns its living struggling in harrowing graveyard shifts.

They do not have a normal work schedule, and find it rather difficult to plan their life around regular timings unlike their counterparts working in regular shifts. Here, we have tried to list down some of the struggles that people working in night shifts face.
You are terribly pissed that your friends aren't joining you for clubbing at 3 pm.
You cannot really drink after work if your shift ends at 6:00 am. I mean, who is going to drink so freaking early in the morning?
When you get messages from your friends like "Yay, it's Friday!". And, you are like "Whatever"
Friday tortures
You do your shopping at any odd hour of the day, oblivious to the stares of the store staff. This is one of things which people in shifts will surely understand.
No one in your house will have enormously large bags under their eyes as you do.
You are going to be labeled as a spoilsport, since you are the only one among your friends who is going to grumble about Saturday night outings because you have to go to work. Talk about the struggles of people doing night shifts.
You'll probably have no breakfast, have lunch at 7 am, and dinner in the afternoon when regular people have lunch.
You have no idea of the gossip and the jokes in your office that occur during day shifts. Another downside to working night shifts.
Missing all the corporate group parties is a torture, since you are the one who is handling temporary responsibilities.
Missing family functions and picnics with friends.
Watching your post Facebook statuses about the family functions when you were working can be just ... no comments.
You are never able to communicate properly with your better half.
When people complain about long hours, you resist the urge to punch them in the face.
You do not have holidays when normal people do. And when you do have a day off, the rest are working.
You want to curse your alarm clock for ringing promptly at the desired time.
Getting up early
When you talk about the difficulties of 'changing shifts' to attend parties, you are greeted with a blank look.
You feel like sleeping at all times of the day.
Your health goes for a toss. Obviously. Trying to doze off when the rest of the world is excessively loud can be nerve-wracking.
For reasons unknown, you feel that you are the one who works the hardest.
You are the kind of 'left-out' friend in the group, because you never know when your schedule is.
Traveling by public transport is the worst of working in night shifts.
You have no idea what a week is. Your week consists of the hours and minutes and days all rolled in together.
You practically have a non-existent social life.
Your eating speed improves significantly. What else can you expect when you have 15-minute breaks?
Your entire system is screwed―eating at odd hours, sleeping at odd hours, and what not.
You miss out on a lot of office and family fun, and find yourself asking "When was I awake last?"
You arrive home at bizarre hours, and finding the fridge empty is enough to set your temper soaring.
You get aggravated when no one replies to your WhatsApp messages. Relax dude, be considerate. Who is going to be awake at 2 in the morning?
Getting angry on friends
When you find a colleague to replace you, all you want to do is hug him and let your tears flow.
Getting two days off ... is like ... oh wow!!!
You could be the brand ambassador of coffee ... your body has more caffeine than blood.
Eating on your desk is a very regular affair.
You are very active on social networking sites. No one is watching you, after all.
No one asks you when you are coming home.
Your dressing sense is absolutely informal. No one notices you anyway.
You dream about holiday destinations at work.
Dreaming at work
Well, these are a few pointers, and then some. You have to find out alternative ways to take care of yourself if you work at bizarre hours. A sound health and fairly good social life are rather essential after all.