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14 Seemingly Ordinary Things Only Workaholics Can Relate To

14 Things All Workaholics can Relate To
Keeping a 24/7 connection with work, giving very little time to personal interests, sacrificing night-time sleep for completing office work, and talking only about work are some of the things commonly seen in most workaholics. Here is a list of some things that all workaholics can relate to.
Nicks J
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2018
"You're not going to go far unless you're a workaholic."
Sloan Wilson
That's something every workaholic will agree with. Workaholics are people who are obsessed with their work. They live for their work and are ready to devote extra hours to it, any day. They prefer work over their personal interests and give most of their time to their job. They are just addicted to work. Following are some common traits of workaholics.
No Time for Weekend Breaks
Work-free weekends is something that workaholics cannot imagine. They prefer devoting long hours at the office and are least interested in doing any kind of leisure activities. They are too busy to do anything apart from work. Leave alone weekend breaks, work is so important for them that they don't even take short breaks during the day.
Think Only About Work
Workaholics may attend social events, spend time with their family, or chat with friends, but at the back of their mind they are thinking only about work.
Hurried Meals
Their definition of lunch is grabbing a quick bite of fast food at the desk. They hurriedly eat a sandwich or a burger with their eyes still on the computer screen. A hearty meal with friends or colleagues is a rare possibility. They are chained to their desk.
Not Enough Time for Personal Life
Their habit of working for long hours gives them very little time for other things in life. Job-related activities take precedence over personal work. They are unable to strike a work-home balance, which is why they cannot give enough time to their family or their hobbies.
Not Interested in Calling Back
Workaholics seldom attend calls from friends or family members. As they are too engrossed in their work, they tend to ignore the repeated ringing of their phone. If by chance they answer the call, their usual response is, 'Crazy busy. Will call you later'. As a friend, you wait for 'eons' before receiving their call.
'Take it Easy' Advice Annoys Them
Seeing your friend work 24/7, it is normal for you to advise him to take a break and relax. However, this advice does not go down well with workaholics and they get irritated when asked to take it easy. Work being their passion, anyone trying to dissuade them from their routine, annoys them.
Talk Revolves Around Work
Conversing with workaholics can be painful as they have nothing else to talk about, other than work. So, if (ever) they take a coffee break, even in that short break, they discuss only work.
Laptop and Phone Never out of Sight
Even if you manage to take a workaholic friend/partner on a weekend outing or a vacation, they cannot do without their phone.
It is also not uncommon to notice workaholics glued to the computer during leisure time. So for these people, leaving their phone or their laptop out of sight is like being away from work, which they cannot tolerate.
Don't Like to Socialize
Since workaholics are buried neck-deep in work, it is no surprise that they are hardly social. Workaholics like to spend every second in what they are passionate about - work. They are too busy to eavesdrop, gossip, or even socialize.
Never Late to Work
Their passion towards work is evident from the fact that they are the first to reach office and the last ones to leave. They never arrive late to work, and they willingly work for long hours, daily.
Too Busy to Sleep
Workaholics are often described as people who are sleep-deprived.
These people are so consumed with work that they don't find anything wrong in increasing their productivity at the cost of sleep. They are ready to sacrifice their sleep and work late into the night.
Happy when Assignments are Completed before the Deadline
They feel on top of the world when they meet deadlines at work. This is one thing that gives them an elated feeling. This is because unlike other employees, they work on multiple projects. Completing extra work and taking additional responsibilities gives them great pleasure.
Give Free Career Advice
Working with workaholic friends is not very easy. They feel you are not working to the best of your abilities. Hence they often give you advice about working efficiently and being more productive so as to excel in your career.
No Scope for Retirement
As they are addicted to their work, you will never hear them talking about retirement plans. Even thinking of retirement is not something they like. They are accustomed to following a particular schedule and shifting from that routine to a complete halt, is something they cannot imagine. In simple words, retirement is a nightmare for workaholics.
Yes, it's necessary to focus on the given task, work efficiently, and remain productive but that does not mean you have to be a workaholic. A workaholic nature can have far-reaching effects on your health, hurt relationships, and isolate you from family and friends. So work hard but strike a work-life balance so that you get adequate time to enjoy life.