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Team Communication Exercises

Team Communication Exercises
Communication is an important tool and there needs to be a lot of importance given to exercises that help build team communication effectively enough. Here are some such team communication exercises that lead to team building.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018
Communication is an integral tool in every single relationship and it's no different when it comes to communication in a team either.
Workplace communication takes a priority where team building comes into the picture. And since a good team leads to high levels of productivity and efficiency and thereby is an advantage to the enterprise, building a good team becomes crucial.
The role of effective communication cannot be denied when it comes to team building and that is why we find many companies hosting special workshops that revolve around team communication exercises whereby the art of developing great communication skills can be learned.
Team Communication Exercises
There are different ways of using exercises for team communication. These can be really serious or some that are a lot of fun to play, but help build effective communication in a team, nonetheless. Here are some of the exercises that you can use as team building games for the workplace.
Get the entire group to sit in a wide square or a circle that will act as the boundary. Now choose two volunteers and blindfold them both. One of them is the catcher while the other has to run. Choose two other volunteers who will act as their guides.
The object of the game is that the catcher has to catch the runner only by listening to the instructions provided by his guide, and the same goes with the runner as well―he has to try to not get caught.
This game requires that the catcher and the runner have their senses heightened so that they can be receptive to their guide. Every time either the catcher or the runner comes close to the boundary, they have to shout and get him to go back.
A little while in the game and you will see that the guides and the runner and catcher develop a unique set of communication skills by which they can understand each other better and therefore lead to good teamwork. Take several turns with different people in the fore.
Spider Web
You build a 'web' out of rope and make sure that the holes are of varied sizes. The objective of the game is to transfer each member from one side of the web to the other in a given period of time using the holes provided, without any body part touching the web. If that happens you have to start again.
Each hole can be used only once, after which it needs to be sealed with tape. The team that transfers all its members the fastest, wins. This is a unique method of developing effective team communication skills because it requires one to be completely in tune with each other such that they can get the task done.
Setting up a Play
Setting up a play on a given theme in a predetermined period of time, and then enacting it is one of the most fun team communication exercises.
Choose themes that have a lot of humor in them so that it is that much more fun for the team members to put up. Setting up a play is a great way to get team bonding into the picture and to build communication skills since the success of the play depends on a group effort.
Color Game
Get the entire group to sit in a circle.
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Throw a ball at one member who has to catch the ball, state his favorite color and then throw the ball to someone else. The next person will then catch the ball, state the color of the previous person and then add his color before passing it on to the next person.
The game continues with each person adding to the color list and goes on till a person cannot get it. This is a great exercise to work under pressure and develop effective communication skills.
Balloon Game
Young woman blowing up a balloon
Inflate some balloons and put them up in the air.
The objective of the game is to keep the balloons in the air without them touching the ground. Increase the levels of difficulty by putting in variations like no using hands, adding in more balloons and the like.
These were some of the exercises that are used in order to develop effective communication skills and thereby build a great team. Use these and see just how much fun they are and how well you begin to bond with your colleagues.