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These Team Building Games Always Work Best for Small Groups

Team Building Games for Small Groups
The best way to get people involved together is to engage them in some good and fun team building games. Whether it's kids or adults, they'll enjoy games more than a boring lecture, so have them play the ones mentioned here and see the results.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2019
The responsibility of getting people to work together is not always that of just the team leader. Sometimes, team building in the workplace can turn out to be really frustrating, especially, when people refuse to give each other a chance.
On such occasions, the best thing to do is have them involved in some team building games rather than having a presentation about how team work is very important. Games will refresh them and also give them a more practical approach to the entire concept of teamwork. Here are some ideas that you can use. Check them out!
Untie the Knot
This game is fun, confusing, and hilarious. What you have to do is, form teams with about 9-10 people each. Stand in a circle holding hands. Now, what you have to do is, form as many knots using your hands as you can.
Go over and under each other's arms, take your hands above heads, below legs, whatever you can to make it look like a jumbled up mess of limbs. Do all this without leaving each others' hands.
Now, a member from the opposite team must come and try to untie this knot that you have formed. While he does this, you must make sure that you'll don't leave hands at all. Keep a reasonable time limit and check which team can untie the knot first! Just be careful not to twist yourself into awkward positions.
Working on an arrow shaped jigsaw puzzle
If you're looking for a game that is more on the quiet and peaceful side, then here's one. Make teams with just 4 members each. Give each team a jigsaw puzzle which has more than 500 pieces in them. Make sure all the puzzles are the same.
jigsaw puzzle
Set a time limit of about an hour and have each team race to complete the puzzle within the time limit. Ask them to work quietly and see which team finishes first.
Tug of War
Group Casual People Playing Tug-of-War Concept
Tug of war is one of the best team building games and that's a well-established fact. But this time, instead of the standard tug of war, do it with a twist. Instead of two teams, this time, have four teams with around 4 members each.
Have 4 ropes tied in the center and ask each team to begin tugging at the sound of the whistle. The team that gets more than one team on its side wins. It may not be possible to actually win very easily in this game, so keep a time limit of about 20 minutes for it.
Task Completion
Have everyone divided into 4 or 5 teams with around 5 members each. Now, have a list of about 15 tasks prepared beforehand. Separate these tasks in different chits and place these chits on a table.
When the whistle blows, one member from each group comes forward, picks up the chit pertaining to the task, takes it back to his team and proceeds to finish it. Only after one task is completed and verified by the judges can the next member go forward to pick up the next chit. The team that completes all the tasks first, wins.
Punch the Numbers
For this game, you'll require an open area. Have the numbers 1-30 pasted on big markers and placed randomly within a huge circle. Do this at three spots in the open area for the three competing teams.
What the team members have to do is, when the whistle blows, one person runs into the circle begins tapping the numbers 1-30 in order. If he taps wrong he has to begin from number 1 again.
After he's done, he runs out of the circle and taps the next teammate in line. This way, each member for each team has to touch each number in order and leave the circle, verified by a judge for each circle. The team that finishes first wins!
Stress the importance of team building at work or at school. Make people understand the benefits of working together by making it a fun process. It will definitely be a success.