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Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

Advanced supervisory skills can come in handy when you are entrusted with the job of handling a team of colleagues or juniors. Learn how you can hone these skills, in this article.
Sujata Iyer
In today's world of cut-throat competition, the one thing that simply cannot be compromised on is the quality of the goods and services that are provided. In order to ensure the good quality of these goods and services, it has to be seen that the employees and other workforce that are responsible for the final output is trained well, and once trained, that they carry on their duties and responsibilities as per the required standards and expectations. To see to this, people who have received supervisory skills training are hired. These people see to it that the work is carried out properly. In addition to that, they are also required to fulfill some other duties. In this Workspirited article, we'll throw some light on the skills that go into making a good supervisor.

How to Develop Supervisory Skills

Supervisory skills are one of the essentials of management because it tests the managerial abilities of the candidate. It is also an important leadership skill that needs to be developed in order to see to it that the people assigned to you are actually functioning as per the set norms. Let us see the list given below, which will help us understand the responsibilities better.
  • Communication: This is probably the most important skill that any person who works in any kind of organization needs to have, let alone a supervisor. A supervisor has to be in constant touch with the workforce as well as the management. If he is incapable of effective communication, then there is no way he can be a good supervisor.
  • Trust: The ability to trust and to be trusted is another skill that a person aspiring to be a supervisor needs to have. As mentioned earlier, he is the point of contact between the management and the workforce. Hence, he needs to be trusted by the workforce in order to seek redress. Also, he needs to be trusted by the management so that he can take important decisions regarding the work.
  • Time Management: While being a friend and ally, the main role of the supervisor is to see that the work gets done and that it gets done within the deadline that has been allotted. He should be able to work out an effective strategy to get the work done and also delegate the work according to the best of the people's ability so that the task is completed within the time frame and by optimum utilization of the resources.
  • Respect: While gaining trust and being friendly, he should behave in a manner that befits a supervisor. He should earn the respect of his team and at the same time, he should treat the team with respect. The respect that his team has for him should be earned, not forced.
  • Unbiased Evaluating Ability: At the end of the day, the main job of the supervisor is to evaluate the team on their performance. It may happen that a supervisor may get friendly with certain members of the team. This should not cloud his judgment. He should be capable of giving an unbiased evaluation of all the team members without taking personal relationships into account.
  • Decision Making: Another important skill that a supervisor must possess is the ability to make quick and appropriate decisions when required. He is responsible for the well-being of his team and this should reflect in the decisions that he makes for the team. He should put the team's needs before his own. This way he will gain the loyalty of the team and also the appreciation of the management.
  • Resolving Problems: Apart from the skills mentioned above, a good supervisor should also be able to resolve conflicts and other problems that may crop up within his team. The problems can be internal ones within the team or it could be an external one between the team and the management. He should be able to resolve the conflicts in such a way that both the parties are satisfied.
There may be many more skills that are required to make a good supervisor. Remember to think on behalf of the entire team and work towards the betterment of the team. That is the only way in which you can ensure excellent performance from them.