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Stress Relievers That'll Help Make Your Work-life Stress-free

Stress Relievers at Work
In these times of economic slump, stress at work is inevitable. However, you can get over it. Stress busters at work are like breaths of fresh air, which energize you to get back to work, with renewed energy.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
The quality of work we do, depends on our state of mind. A buoyant and enthusiastic mood does wonders for your work. A stressed and tired mind, on the other hand, stagnates your work flow and deteriorates its quality.
Working with a stressed mind is like swimming with a metal jacket on. While an enthusiastic mind, free from job stress, is light like the wind, and can easily accomplish daily tasks.
To relieve stress and lighten the mind, one must first understand its nature and the reasons why it builds up. Then one can easily work on ways to beat it.
Stress has a lot of sources, and it emanates from problems at workplace, to problems at home. It builds up from the mind's incessant worrying habit about unfinished things, commitments, and lack of relaxation or rest. The antidote to it is fun, laughter, and relaxation.
Best Stress Relievers
Stress starts building up when we start taking life too seriously. All you need is a sprinkling of laughter and adequate relaxation to beat it. One thing that can help you get some relief, is the fact that no matter how many commitments, responsibilities, and unfinished jobs you may have, you can only do one thing at a time.
The way to get many things done is, to focus on one at a time and relax for a while, before you start the next one. Here are some of the best workplace stress busters.
Talk it Out
talk to your friends
Talking to somebody and especially a close confidante, helps you relax. Especially, if you both are in the same boat and are under the same levels of stress at work. Your worries get divided by two. Having company helps.
Being alone, all the time, freaks you out, which heightens stress levels. Talk and laugh about your predicament and chill out with your buddy. If you are an entrepreneur and your own boss, you need some good advisers around you, who know things and make sense.
Hit the Gym
hit the gym
Working out is a great way of relaxing. If your workplace has a gym, take a break from work and work out for a short while, in the gym. Bench the stress with some bench press.
If you do not have a gym around, just go to the terrace, get some fresh air and do some push ups or sit ups. Punch the air around you and let it all out. Trust me, it helps. Especially, if your work is of sedentary nature, working out is the best way of beating stress.
Take a break and find a place at work or outside, where you will not be disturbed and meditate. You can even do this right there in your cubicle.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of all thoughts and if you must have any, think about the best things in your life. Think about your loved ones or any imagery that puts you naturally in a tranquil state of mind. Ten minutes spent in such a state will energize and relax you at the same time.
Let Music Calm your Nerves
girl listening to music
Taking a break and listening to some of your favorite music is also a great stress buster. Music has the power to take you into a whole new world, away from your daily worries. It is a great way of chilling out.
Take a Walk
Young Brunette Woman Walking
Stepping out of your workplace and taking a quiet walk, also helps. If there is a park around, go in there. Have some snacks sitting on a park bench. Move around, look at the world around you and forget your worries for a while.
Let your legs get some exercise and mind some relief. A walk works for me, as it also clears my thoughts about things. You could listen to music while you are at it. Try it out.
Sleep Soundly
sleep soundly
If you have had a sound sleep (at least 8 hours), you automatically reduce the stress that builds up from a tired and sleep-deprived brain. No matter what happens, get your eight hours of sleep.
You will be fresh as a daisy when you wake up and ready to take on work and pretty much anything life throws at you. Having adequate sleep will surely help.
Let there Be Laughter
group of friends laughing
Where there is laughter, there is no stress. That is a very simple rule. Do not take life too seriously. Smile and be merry, that you are alive.
Crack some jokes around in the workplace, once in a while. Smile, when you see people around. It spreads positive energy. Life is too short, enjoy it while you can.
Have a Life Beyond the Workplace
One of the prime reasons of stress at work is making work, your life. If you are going to think about nothing other than work all the time, there is bound to be stress.
Roof Party
If you do not get a life beyond work, in which you can chill out, you will face a burnout problem, some years down the line. So, switch off thoughts about work after you leave office and get a life beyond it. Work hard, but party hard at times too. Have a social life and a work life, and keep them apart.
The key to achieving stress relief is finding balance in life and shutting out the chaos around you, through the 'One thing at a Time' philosophy.