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See How Sports in the Workplace Provides Remarkable Results

Sports in the Workplace
Ever had playtime at work? Well we did, by organizing sports in the workplace. Isn't that great? Read on and be a part of all the fun we had on our sports day.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019
Businesswoman receiving a trophy
It's good to be a kid at times; rather it's great to keep that little child within us, awake and alive always. The sports day in the workplace just does that. It awakens the child in each of us; we get excited and play to win. We want to win.
Win! That child-like 'want' to win fades away with growing age. The happiness in winning remains the same but the excitement in journeying towards victory diminishes. We become less competitive and more comparative. It's not that we don't want to win. But, we don't want to play. Or, we don't want to lose maybe.
However, we can disprove this by participating generously in all the sports activities. Here are some fun games that never fail to excite us and keep the spirit of winning always alive.
Scrabble game
Winning a scrabble game depends on what tiles you get - your luck, which words you think of from the tiles you get - your vocabulary and when and where you place those words - your strategy.
You should know when to encash on the plural forms of words; you should know when to use inflected forms of a word and you should know how to not play an open-ended game. And that's not all. Scrabble is much more than this; it's a wonderful game. You need to play it to really know it!
Business people playing chess
Chess is about how well you plan your moves. A small mistake on your part, and if your opponent catches it, you are gone.
You plan all your moves, you miss to recognize your opponent's strategy, he continues building up his army to attack your king and if you miss to realize that, you are gone!
You work on giving a check to his king, you plan your moves accordingly, but you forget to keep your king safeguarded, your opponent is sure to say "check and mate". And remember, you can turn the table over any time; you just need to be watchful about what your opponent is doing, rather not doing. And you can emerge winner.
Sudoku game
There's a grid inside another grid and you are supposed to fill in the nine single-digit numbers in these grids, in such a way that no single row or column has more than one instances of the same number.
Obviously it's not as easy as 'filling grids with numbers'. It requires quick thinking and speedy permuting skills. You need to zero in at 'the only position' for every numeral. Sudoku indeed is very interesting. If you are one of those Sudoku freaks, know how to solve Sudoku fast.
Carom board
A smooth biscuit board, a beautiful pink queen guarded by men in black and white, a striker pushing these men towards pockets on the four corners of the board, and those directing the striker to move around.
The fingers of carrom players crawl all over the board; at times to smoothen the 'playground', and at times to grab the striker to pocket the little pawns. Well these pawns, or coins are actually called carom-men. And the ruling lady in the scene is but of course, the pretty queen!
Young Business People Playing Table Tennis
This is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyed sport, especially when best buddies play against each other, in style! The quick and constant back and forth of the ball and huge audience cheering(if present), makes this game amazing.
These were some games to up the fun quotient of the sports event in workplace. There are many more games that brings back the child in us, but the ultimate motive of such games is enjoyment.