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Self-evaluation Performance Phrases

Self-evaluation Performance Phrases

A self-evaluation is an important part of a yearly performance appraisal, and is necessary so that the employer can understand how an employee perceives her/himself within the organization. So that you can reflect a positive attitude that is ready to embrace change, here are some self-evaluation performance phrases that you may use.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: May 20, 2018
Most companies ask employees to submit a self-evaluation at the time of a performance appraisal in order to coordinate this report with that produced by the employees' manager. This is used to ensure that the employee and the management are on the same page; so that the employer knows whether the employee recognizes her/his position within the organization.

Lots of employees, however, perceive a self-evaluation as an opportunity to blow their own trumpet, and sometimes tend to go overboard with it. The key to writing a good personal evaluation is the ability to highlight your positives but mention your weaknesses too. These weaknesses should be included in a manner that shows your willingness to look into them and work on it. A self-evaluation should be believable; no one is perfect after all. On the other hand, some employees may tend to go overboard and be too critical of themselves. This projects lack of confidence and may force the management to think and believe likewise.

More often than not, you are likely to leave writing your self-evaluation to the last minute, where you just can't seem to figure what you should write in it. In order to be more prepared, you can choose to maintain a record of your activities through the year, and the skills and qualities you have developed or have noticed the lack of in this period. Further, using language that is honest - neither too arrogant, nor too self-deprecating - is extremely important. As such, learning to use appropriate self-evaluation performance phrases will help boost the evaluation your manager writes about you, and will help you get that highly coveted promotion you have been desiring. Here are some comments that you can use to write your own performance review.

Positive Self-Evaluation Performance Phrases

• I am a reliable employee who does not have any difficulties with attendance.

• My time-management abilities have often been noticed and appreciated by my superiors as well as my clients.

• I respect others' time and try to schedule my meetings in accordance with the schedules of my teammates, colleagues, and clients as far as possible.

• I always attempt to maintain a neutral demeanor through challenging times, and also make an attempt to motivate my colleagues so that they remain enthusiastic throughout.

• I make an effort to remain positive and cheerful at most times.

• I have been known to be able to connect instantaneously with new colleagues and team members, and make them feel comfortable in a new environment.

• Maintaining customer relations through effective communication techniques is one of my core strengths.

• I ensure a smooth flow of communication from the management to my colleagues and vice versa.

• I bring creativity to all my projects, so that they become more interesting and are completed on time with enthusiasm.

• I have often produced 'out-of-the-box' solutions in challenging times which have been successfully implemented.

• My effort to provide innovative solutions now flows through my team where my colleagues do not just resort to a simple approach to a problem, but a creative one whenever necessary.

• Not only do I have a good sales record for the company, I have also made an effort to maintain positive relations with our clients, which has led to an increase in the number of referrals we have received in the past year.

• Addressing client problems and providing instant solutions (whenever possible) to the same is an important technique I follow in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

• I maintain my calm even through negative customer feedback, with a promise to resolve all pertinent issues.

• In my communication with clients, I keenly listen to everything they have to say, and retain information that could serve as valuable feedback for our organization in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.

Self-Evaluation Performance Phrases Indicating the Need for Improvement

• Because I am intensely focused on the task at hand, I have found that I may be blunt toward some of my colleagues. I am working on the way I deal with such situations.

• Not everyone may be comfortable with the way I sometimes communicate with my colleagues, but my focus is to get the job done, on time, with results.

• I have found that my manner of working has been questioned by many. However, I believe that I have delivered and can deliver results in spite of working differently from others.

• Time management may not be one of my core strengths, but I am working on improving how I handle my time.

• I tend to overlook the convenience of my colleagues so that my time may be managed effectively. I, however, will consider the value of others' time too, and ensure that I plan my schedule accordingly.

• I believe I am very comfortable in terms of written communication, but have scope for improvement in the way I verbally communicate with those around me.

• I understand that just my ability to complete projects within deadlines is not enough, and that I must work on my soft skills to see true progress in my job.

• I understand the value of communication with both, the management and my colleagues, and will work to improve the same with both parties to avoid any instances of miscommunication.

• I find that I am a more practical person than a creative individual, a trait that sometimes hinders me from providing innovative solutions in challenging situations. I am making a genuine effort to consider creative solutions and take positive risks in my job.

• There are occasions where I do not perceive the need for a creative solution, but one that will instantaneously end the problem at hand. However, I am confident that I can provide creative solutions whenever necessary.

• I find that I rely greatly on group effort. I am, however, working to ensure that my participation in a project equals or is even more than that of my team members.

• Though I am known to deliver results on time, I delay the process of following up with clients. I am working hard on improving communication with clients in the future as I understand that it is the customer's satisfaction that is most important.

• I feel a little uncomfortable in handling negative feedback from clients. I am sure that I will learn to deal with such situations better over time.

• Customer relations may not be my strongest point, but there have been very few instances of negative feedback from customers in this regard.

As you can see, it is a mélange of positive and negative performance evaluation comments from your side that will help you balance out a self-evaluation and will have it look credible before the management. The management is looking for individuals who understand their strengths and weaknesses within the organization, and are willing to take the initiative to implement necessary changes. Use or modify these phrases to write a good self-evaluation.