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Sample Offer Letter

Sample Offer Letter

The offer letter presented here, gives general guidelines for an employer to base his offer letter to a selected candidate.
Shrinivas Kanade
Every business has to deal with employee turnover. To fill in the necessary positions, candidates are interviewed and the best ones are selected. During the interview, information related to terms and conditions pertaining to the job offered is exchanged. The factors that will benefit both the company and the candidate, are discussed and are negotiated. The information exchanged may include salary structure, place of work, responsibilities of the job that the candidate is selected for, as well as bonuses that the candidate may win on the basis of his performance. The information, during an interview, is exchanged verbally and the acceptance of the job offer is still considered tentative. To put it in black and white, the company uses offer letters, which often differ considerably, depending on the job offered, compensation, and moving expenses arrived at.

Offer Letter Format

A sample as presented below helps one in understanding the intricacies involved in hiring someone for the company. However friendly the tone it has adopted, an offer letter must also contain disclaimers, clearly indicating the terms and conditions under which employment is being offered. Go through the following template presented below which may help you with your business writing.

Sample Employment Offer Letter
Mr./Ms. (Candidate's Name)
(City, State, Zip Code)

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name):

CDE Company Ltd., is delighted to offer you the position of Vice President (Marketing) for our organization. We are all happy about the zest and energy that you bring to the company.

As discussed during the interview, you will be posted in (City Name) zonal office, where our Marketing, Sales, and Services department is located. After taking the charge of the operation, you will proceed with the task of focusing the efforts of the marketing team on increasing the sales of the existing products of the company. In addition, you will prepare the ground for the launch of the company's new product within two months.

As discussed, your initial compensation package consists of a weekly pay package of $20,000 (biweekly). You will receive full dental and medical coverage, through the organization's employee benefit plan. To lessen the impact of relocation expenses, including seller's commission on your old house and closing costs on your new house, CDE company will provide a loan within reason. Any queries about advances of loan amount, its repayment and terms will be according to the enclosed agreement. Be sure to return its signed copy by mail, before committing yourself to any relocation expenses.

In accepting the offer, you will certify that the employment offered to you by CDE company is on an at-will basis and no agreement has been reached between you and CDE company regarding its duration. The nature of your employment leaves you free to terminate your employment without prior notice. On the other hand, it also enables the company to make changes in your compensation or reassign or terminate you.

We look forward to your joining CDE company and working with you to scale the new heights of success. Please let us know if you have any queries.


CDE Company Ltd.

In reality, if you are filling a position of Vice President (Marketing) for your company, then most probably you will like your legal department to handle the offer letter rather than using the sample presented here. The candidate on his part, after receiving your company's employment letter, may decide to respond positively and may communicate his or her schedule using a sample offer acceptance letter.