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Safety Meeting Agenda

Safety Meeting Agenda

If you work in an industry that is prone to having accidents on site, then you may need to draft an agenda for your next meeting to discuss these safety hazards and how precautions can be taken to avoid them.
Tulika Nair
There are several organizations wherein the workplace can have safety hazards. In such a scenario it is important to have meetings with all the employees in order to ensure that everyone understand how to take the necessary steps in case of a risky situation. For such meetings it is important to fix an agenda. Without a fixed plan there is a possibility that the meeting may meander without anything concrete being decided. A schedule should include things like workplace safety depending on the type of industry you work in, emergency exits, safety training for employees, etc. Before every meeting, the chairperson in accordance with everyone attending the meeting needs to decide what all will be discussed at that particular meeting. Once the topics have been decided, you will need to gather information about the same and have printed resources available for everyone attending the meeting. The information should include data on what the possible hazards are, how they can be avoided, and what precautions and safety measures should be followed. Deciding on the topic beforehand ensures that a lot of time is saved and the meetings are more cost-effective.

Another important thing that should definitely be a part of your safety meeting is to test how much of the information discussed in the meeting has been imbibed by the employees. This is important to ensure that the safety tips and measures have been understood. Other important features that should be included in an agenda is discussing any important safety measures discussed in the previous meetings and the steps taken to solve safety hazards. It is also important to discuss the reasons for any accident that has taken place at the job site between the last meeting and the present meeting. The meetings should also allocate time for suggestions from employees. It is important that all employees attend these meetings and therefore, it may be a good idea to hold these meetings during break times or after work hours.

Template for Agenda for Safety Meeting

Given below is a template for an agenda for a safety meeting that will help you draft a schedule for the meeting that your company is to have to decide on safety policies. While it may be easier to draft an agenda of the sort by referring to a sample schedule, the fact remains that these minutes of a meeting differ depending on the company and the industry, and the same sample may not work for everyone.

Department Name or Site of Job:
Date of Meeting:

Agenda of Meeting
  • Declare the meeting open and announce the safety topic.
  • Read the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Name of the people present at the meeting.
  • Discuss matters pertaining to old business discussed at previous meetings and announce any updates with regard to the same.
  • If there have been any accidents that have happened at the job site since the last meeting then the details of the same should be discussed. A summary should be provided by the person responsible. Discuss what can be done to correct these instances and what kind of awareness is needed at job sites.
  • If there were any inspection reports that were sanctioned at the last meeting, then these reports need to be discussed at the present meeting.
  • If there are any suggestions from employees, then this could be the platform to discuss these. Suggestions could include changes in safety policies and other such considerations.
Time at Start of Meeting:
Time at End of Meeting:
Chairperson of the Meeting:
Date and Time of Next Meeting:

Having a proper agenda is extremely important. It is essential that you, as an organization, discuss all the different risk situations that may come up at your workplace and discuss probable solutions for the same. With the template given here, you have hopefully understood what the agenda for a safety meeting should look like.