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Are Romantic Relationships in the Workplace Good? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Arjun Kulkarni May 10, 2019
While it may seem like a good idea to go out with someone from work, there are downsides that most would agree outweigh the positive. It may sound nice to be with someone inside the mundane world of your 9 to 5, but again, the long term problems are just too many.
As the work schedule becomes more and more hectic and social lives of people diminishes, people satisfy the primal urge of companionship in the office. Someone with similar interests, dreams and passions; someone that you can be with for the whole day, negating the need for finding and going on a date, which your professional life cannot afford you.

Romantic Relationships at Work

Well, it surely seems like an ideal situation doesn't it? A very tempting one indeed. The person you'll find in the workplace will probably have the same likes and passions as you.
You can go through the romantic relationship stages in the office itself! You'll not only be able to meet that person every day, but also work with him/her all day. Also, the person will have personality traits similar to yours. It's just so hard to resist all these advantages. Apparently, workplace romance is an idea which should actually be a runaway hit!
But it isn't. In fact, most workplace relationships have failed, and miserably. Relationship experts and several others who've been in such relationships will actively detract you from this desire. Why? Good work relationships are one thing, but ones workplace are not a good idea according to most people.

Disadvantages of Workplace Relationships

Ego Tussles

No two people are the same. Now suppose your romantic partner gets promoted, how are you going to take it? Will you be jealous? Or will you take it in your stride saying that the better of the two got promoted?
Suppose you ARE equal, but your boss is biased in favor of your partner and promotes him/her? Suppose the other person gets a raise, what will be your reaction? These problems may seem laughable at the moment, but will spoil your relationship due to your or your partner's actual or perceived superiority.


So you dealt with the first problem just fine. Now your partner is your boss, and will fire instructions at you. Being the boss, your partner cannot and does not show you any favoritism and bias.
Your partner now has new friends, apart from you, who are in better positions in your own company. How would you deal with that? Not all people will be jealous of their partners' success or promotion, but they will not take kindly to being bossed around or ordered or shown less importance.

A Bad Breakup

Suppose none of you get promoted, or you are already your partner's boss when you started going out. No ego tussles whatsoever. But relationships do end. Then what do you do?
Suppose your partner is really bitter about the breakup and spreads unsavory and derogatory rumors about your sexual capacity and your less admirable qualities. There is no point in letting the 'barking dogs bark', because you know as well as anyone else how office gossip helps relieve a bit of stress, and stories like these will have everyone 'all ears'.

Office Gossip

Now it isn't always the case that you or your partner will have differences. But the people will whisper and talk behind your back.
Suppose there is someone else in the office who is attracted to you and says bad things about you, your partner or your relationship; or that person tries to create a discord between the two of you, will your relationship weather the storm created by the other person?


While your perfect romance may weather practically any storm, what if one of you had to be transferred elsewhere permanently?
Suppose the company decides that your skill set will be valued in another country where the company currently runs its operations, then how will you handle the distance that comes between the two of you? Can you live with a long-distance relationship?
Hence, romantic relationships in the workplace are a complete no-no. But a way out we see yet is to have a pact. It may seem a bit unusual, but it's always good to make a list of things that you expect from your partner.
Now we have outlined five disadvantages of having a relationship with a colleague, you and your partner may also discuss these eventualities and come to a consensus on what must be done in case any of these do happen.