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Respect in the Workplace

Scholasticus K Sep 30, 2018
Respect is a very strong feeling, deserved and earned by every individual. Respect in the workplace is a part of self-respect, and is a birthright of all individuals.
There might be varied definitions and meanings that people might interpret about respect. Many corporations, organizations, and companies define it as something given by all the new joining employees to their seniors and superiors.
Here is a gist about how respect in the workplace can be maintained, as it is an important aspect of the office environment.

Relation with the Boss

There should be a respect for the 'boss' or the superior, in the mind of all the deputies and the people working under him/her, as the flow of authority is maintained in the pyramid of authority and responsibility. Every post in any organization is assigned with particular authority and responsibility.
Every boss is given a specified amount of authority with the help of which he can get the work done from his subordinates. And what is responsibility? Well it is nothing but the amount of work that is to be completed in the given amount of time.
In most of the companies, the ratio of authority and responsibility is almost the same. When the authority and responsibility are equal, the boss tends to regard the feelings of his subordinates and never intrudes on the self-esteem of any individual.
Since the responsibility of the boss is equal to his authority, he does not become a 'shark in the suit' under the pressure of responsibility, or he does not become a 'Adolf Hitler' due to the appropriate authority that is given.
Hence, the subordinates, deputies, and juniors find the boss a very friendly, approachable person. This generates a healthy respect in the workplace, between the hierarchies of authority and responsibility.

Relation between the Hierarchies

The peaceful and friendly connection between the hierarchies is highly instrumental in giving a very efficient and optimized output . The only reason is that healthy relations produce a feeling of positive energy at the office. The positive energy keeps all the employees and hierarchies in what we loosely refer to, as a good 'mood'.
A happy employee is always willing to work for the organization, due to the fact that he is being paid a very good remuneration, that corresponds to his skills and capabilities.
The second reason due to which the employee works very willingly, is that the people under whom he is working, appreciate him, and treat him right, which he reciprocates by also treating the people under him with the same dignity.
There are also other added advantages of developing appropriate regard in the work place. One is that the employees start to accept their mistakes in the right sense and strive to rectify them. Employees whose dignity and well-being is safeguarded, often tend to strive for the well-being and the success of the organization, ensuring an effective team work.
It can be concluded that respect helps an organization to function as one single body, with a heart that beats to the rhythm of success and the soul that reflects the happiness of its manpower.
I wish to shed more light on why we should maintain respect at the workplace, by quoting Thomas Jefferson, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness ... "
All the reasons why we should maintain our dignity are conveyed in the sentence mentioned, which reduces the definition and domain of disrespect and inequality.