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Relieve Stress at Work

Mukta Gaikwad May 13, 2019
Stress takes a toll on everything from professional to person life. Relieve stress at work, with a few useful tips and tricks as mentioned here.
It's seldom that you find people talking about, how satisfied they are with their jobs and it's even rarer to find people who don't suffer from job stress. Thus, it's evident, that most of us, who are working, are dealing with stress at the workplace. It essentially stems from demanding nature of work or a bad boss.
Well, there can be other factors, but the two mentioned earlier are the most important and common ones. Stress at work can be a hindrance in achieving targets, maintaining a healthy rapport, and climbing up the ladder of success.

Make Friends

Those who say personal lives need to be separated from professional life, are a case of sour grapes. As a serious stress management advice, since you are spending 9-12 hours every single day at your workplace, make some friends!
Your colleagues do become an important part of your life, after spending long hours together. Build trustworthy relationships and share your problems with them. Let them know what is troubling you and what's stressing you out. A fresh perspective about it may change your outlook towards the stress.

Beating the Boss

Who doesn't have a terrible and monstrous boss? The story is same in every organization. So, there is no reason to feel alone. Sadly, just as you can't choose your neighbors, you can't choose your boss either. Your need for job is evident, since you are working there.
Cribbing and crying about your boss is not going to help either. Hence, the only way of stress relief when it comes to dealing with your boss, is by giving him a knock-out performance. You have to be in the system to make a change. Thus, the only way of beating your boss in his game, is by not giving him a chance complain.

Take a Break

There is a lot of work to do at office, there are impending projects and targets need to be met. However, if you aren't in the right state of mind, how do you expect to work with sanity? Thus, leave everything for mere hours, grab your keys and drive to a place you've never been before. For once, just do something that doesn't make you think.

Sweat it Out

One of the best stress reliever is to enroll yourself in a gym close to your house. Long working hours don't leave anytime for working out, exercising and staying in shape. Thus, join the gym which is close by, so that you don't lose time in transit.
Sweating it out and using your body to lift some weights is the best way to relieve the stress. Boxing is also a great exercise, which will help you to vent out all the frustrations on the punching bag and help you get in shape too.


Not meeting the deadlines and unfinished businesses are also some intrinsic factors, which add to stress at work. Organize your work, and learn to finish it well in time.
Plan your work according to the available time and other resources at your disposal. The famous adage, 'failing to plan, is planning to fail', holds copious amounts of wisdom. Lift yourself in time, so that you are not stressed about the volume of work. Think about it!
To relieve stress at work, you just need to know, that stress is only a temporary phenomenon. Doing your work regularly, with honesty and with excellence will ensure peace of mind. Once you have these in place, the rest will fall in place, on its own.