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Practical Reasons for Leaving Your Current Job

Deeptee A Nov 20, 2018
In today's tight market situation, unless an individual has a good reason, he would not risk leaving his current job. If you are contemplating the same, here are some reasons that can justify your move.
Earlier, when people completed their education, they took up jobs in companies, and most retired from the same company. They joined at a particular designation and gradually climbed the hierarchy ladder over a number of years.
Today's trend, however, is drastically different. We look for job openings every two or three years. This is also accepted by the corporates nowadays.
With this corporate mentality and with the growing restlessness of the younger generation, you will find at least one acceptable reason for leaving your current job, like career planning, development, growth, etc. All of us, more or less, have the same reasons, but they might differ according to priorities.

Better Salary

All of us work to earn money, and we look for the highest paying jobs all the time. This is the first and very genuine reason to leave a current job. If you are offered a chance of earning more money, it is natural that you will accept it.

Career Growth

Career growth is also one of the most important reasons for quitting a job. Each one of us needs better career opportunities to grow in our careers. Career growth is important, and if your current job doesn't offer it to you, you would naturally look for a change.


If you need to relocate closer to your hometown due to some family issues, it makes sense to change your job. You cannot be torn between your family and your job, and so you relocate closer to home, as long as you can find something decent around where you live.


If you have continuous conflicts with your manager, and the situation does not seem to improve whatever you do or whoever tries to sort it out, it is necessary that you change your job.
Conflicts will make you frustrated, which you invariably vent out on your juniors or at home. This can create unnecessary complications with others as well. So, if your boss really bothers you, this is a good reason to start a job search immediately.

Career Change

If you are not happy with whatever you are doing, or you want to give a different career a shot, then you should chase your dream. You might want to look for a change also because of the high amount of stress in your current job. Nobody will question your decision, since everyone has the right to job satisfaction.

Higher Education

Many of us take up jobs before getting a decent college degree. We work hard and it gets noticed, so we get promoted. After a few years, when we look back, there is a sudden urge to complete our education.
Higher education will always help you grow in your life, and is also important from a career point of view. Also, your employer may be proud of you when you quote this reason for leaving a previous employment.

Traveling Time

With the huge number of vehicles on the road and the huge distances to travel, you might consider taking up a job closer to home. Traveling long distances can impact your career development, as you get tired due to the commute.


Those expecting a child would obviously give family first preference. And most women would want to take care of their baby for a few years, before they get back into the corporate world once again. Unless, you get the desired amount of leave and can join back later.
While changing your job, see that your designation and salary is at least at par, if not higher, than your current job. A reason for change can be anything, so when you interview for a new job, just be truthful about it, because everyone has the right to job satisfaction and better career opportunities.