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10 Important Pros and Cons of Listening to Music At Work

Pros and Cons of Listening to Music At Work
Music is the language that needs no introduction. It soothes and calms down a tense mind, besides, it also makes the day more pleasant. Listening to music at work however, has its pros and cons.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Did you know...
... that surgeons often listen to music while in the operation theater, and work effectively when they do.
Music is known to be a great stress buster, it calms the senses and aids in concentration, thus boosting productivity. Music gives you an escape from the realms of the tiring routine and takes you to higher realms of sheer pleasure. While work can be stressful and make one rather skeptical by the end of the day, listening to music can make work itself seem easy.
Being a writer, I need my creative juices to always be at their peak, always flowing, and mysteriously enough, music aids the process. Silence, though welcome, is like a phantom and it sure does creep me out. Apart from which, I find the sound of bustling keyboards very distracting, so the only option I'm left is to up my player volume and work away to glory. Besides, music helps me stay composed and keeps those nasty drowsy spells at bay.

I can go on about how music becomes an integral part of my existence, but that will only be one side of the story. Let us check out the benefits and drawbacks of listening to music at work.
Why Music Should be Allowed While Working
musical hair and gears
Oils the brain cells to work better.
It impacts the way people work
While stress levels automatically decline, allowing employees to listen to music of their choice helps boost the work output. Research proves that listening to music of one's choice directly impacts the individual's mood and helps create a positive vibe which ensures satisfaction, and ultimately impacts the work output.
Routine tasks become less boring
Listening to instrumental music rather than lyrics, makes the brain work faster. It increases mental performance thus, making mundane tasks bearable. This is especially true when your work demands you to repeat your tasks all day long.
Girl listening to music
Makes me and my work environment tranquil.
Music inspires
Ever thought about the positive impact music has on your brain? Well, actually, music inspires the creative side of your brain to work better. This just means that listening to music helps give different solutions to a seemingly dull problem.
Music is a good distraction
Believe me, every work place has its own distractions. It could even be someone's loud talking or tuneless humming, and how is it that you shut them off? By listening to soothing music of course. Let's say, it keeps the bad distractions at bay. Listening to music is any day better than indulging in nonsensical chatter, don't you think?
Music is my savior
Saves me from a lot of mental disturbances.
Keeps emotions in check
What if you reach office with Monday morning blues, or have a mid-week crisis and have terrible mood swings? Will you be able to work? Not me, I just wouldn't be able to concentrate unless, I have some motivating music being played on my player. All it takes is just a song or two to put me back in the swing, and get back to my target at hand.
Music shuts out the nagging voices in the head
There are monsters and there are demons. You know what I am talking about. It's the inner demons that are kept at bay when listening to positive music while at work. It simply calms the tensed mind, puts you back on track and there you have it, your work automatically becomes better.
Why it is Bad for You
Loud Music
Loud music is distracting for my co-workers.
'I can't hear me think' syndrome
Not everyone enjoys listening to music being played in the background while they work. For some, music itself is a distraction, and a huge distraction at that. There are many who claim that listening to music affects logical thinking and strays away from the actual thought processes that the mind is capable of. Take for example, working your way through a situation that calls for something out-of-the-box, then silence is always better.
The social outcast
Listening to music all day helps shut out the world at large, but the downside is that it makes you appear distant and are termed as the typical outcast. What's worse is that, you appear egoistic or unapproachable to co-workers. Then there are some who will make your life hell for not paying attention to your surroundings.
Man listening music
I appear to be a social outcast
Distraction for others
What if the person sitting next to you doesn't like music, and you have yours blasting in your ears? Your music could very well distract your co workers from being at their productive best. Tone down your volume and continue, if you feel you can't do without music.
It's bad for your ears
If not your mind, listening to music all day comes with one serious downside, and you know this well. Whether at work or at play, this habit is someday going to cause your ears to tingle for no reason. The worst case scenario, cause permanent hearing loss.
Weighing all the upsides and the downsides of listening to music at work leaves me with just one thought. If it is something I enjoy doing, knowing well the consequence of my actions then, I might as well continue doing it. The bottom line is if you wish to listen to music while working there should be nothing to stop you. Remember to tone down the volume a bit, so you are aware of your surrounding and do not come across as being rude.
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