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Proper Computer Desk Ergonomics

Proper Computer Desk Ergonomics

Do you know that one requires a proper computer desk setup in order to prevent the setting of several disorders and for maximizing your efficiency and productivity? In this following article, we will take you through the correct desk ergonomics and show you how to go about bringing it into action.
Rujuta Borkar
Computer Desk Ergonomics
While you spend hours and hours at your desk typing away and working on that all important assignment, rarely do you think of the posture that you've slipped into or whether the computer screen is placed at the correct distance or the monitor is correctly lit and so on and so forth. Are you aware that these factors are very important for your health, and that they directly affect your productivity and efficiency as well? Proper computer desk ergonomics is essential and it is required that each and every work force understands the importance of bringing this factor into action in order for increase the efficiency of the workers. In this following sections we will be concentrating on the varied factors that go into designing an effective ergonomic computer desk setup and how to make it work for you.

What is Ergonomics
Before we get into the varied ergonomic factors that determine whether a workstation has been made efficient enough to work in, we must first get to understanding what ergonomics is. Ergonomics means that you mold your surroundings to match your needs and thereby ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. To state a simple example, let's suppose that you need a completely dark room with not a ray of light coming in to fall asleep. So you ensure that you've covered all the cracks that might be there in the windows or curtains. Which means that you are ensuring a surrounding that will provide for comfort and increase your efficiency like so. The same applies to the workstation.

Achieving the Correct Ergonomics
You need to think of several factors when it comes to planning a workstation that follows the proper computer desk ergonomic design. How do you go about this? These are some of the factors that you need to factor in:
  • Your workstation should not be cramped. It should allow for enough space so that all the things have a place of their own and do not clash with anything. Even if you have limited space, make sure that the ergonomics for the desk is well planned.
  • Identify the areas on the computer desk that you use often and place things in that area so that you don't have to reach for things in awkward places and stretch or pull your muscles. It might not happen the first time you do it, but with repeated actions, there is a high chance that it will.
  • Make sure that the monitor is not set on a bright mode because that strains the eyes. Similarly the wall paper and screen saver should also be selected in shades of gray for the same reasons.
  • The monitor screen should be placed below the eye level and never above it. Make sure that when you type, this factor is diligently followed.
  • Ensure that your chair is not placed at a height. You should be able to place your feet flat on the ground and the back of the knee caps should be at least 2 inches below the chair seat.
  • The chair should take the form of your back. Make sure that if the lower back does not have proper support, you provide for the same with a cushion or a rolled towel.
  • The chair should preferably have arm rests and should allow for the hands to be placed over them so that there are parallel to the ground.
  • The lighting at your desk should be such that it is not too bright (not good for the eyes). Similarly, make sure that you do not sit facing a window that has bright sunlight streaming in. The light fixtures should be above one's head.
  • Avoid using wrist pads while typing, typing with awkwardly raised wrists, and placing the mouse above the desk instead of near the keyboard so that the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome is eliminated.
  • Take frequent breaks and do some eye and neck exercises so that you do not stress these muscles.
The importance of following these pointers cannot be stressed enough and should be followed diligently, no matter what. Something that will influence your comfort, efficiency, and productivity cannot and should not be taken lightly.