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Professionalism Tips

Omkar Phatak Oct 8, 2018
You need to possess a certain attitude to stand out as a professionals. This write-up shares some professionalism tips for people who want to exhibit professionalism get better at whatever they do.
"That guy is a Pro!". You may have head this sort of remark more often than you think. In fact, many a time, this sort of remark is related with sportsmen. So, what is it that makes a person stand a cut above the rest and perform with such great precision and success?
Many experts consider being a professional to be synonymous with being a winner. You have to sharpen some of your behavioral traits in order to be called a professional. A few common strategies are enlisted here:

Professionalism Tips for a Successful Career

Excellence is Thy Goal

  • Excellence is the driving force of professionals.
  • They live to excel at what they do, and do it in the best possible way.
  • They put in their maximum efforts in getting the task done, without holding back, as they do it for themselves.
  • For them, a job is more than just a means of livelihood. It is something that overlaps with their passion. 

Get Your Basics Right

  • This is the corollary of the pursuit of excellence.
  • To excel, a professional works hard on the basics that are required to do his job well.
  • They never forget their basics and keep polishing, as well as updating the basic skills that make them professionals.

Take Your Job Seriously

  • 'Pros' take their job very seriously, follow disciplined routines, and take pride in their work.
  • The seriousness is reflected through their punctuality and sincerity at work.The seriousness is reflected through their punctuality and sincerity at work.
  • They believe in maintaining the quality of their work. 
  • It is not necessary that a professional must take everything too seriously and not have a laugh. Professionals are the kind of people who enjoy themselves when they want to enjoy, and only work, when they are working.
  • They do not mix business with pleasure. Nothing comes in the way of their workplace ethics. They know that nothing is owed to them and they must earn what they want.

Switch Off Personal Problems

  • To be a professional, one must master the art of switching off everything else, including personal problems, when one enters the workplace.
  • Worrying about personal problems is not going to solve them and or help you get your work done.
  • In fact, when you have a lot of personal problems, losing yourself in work can be therapeutic.

When at the Workplace, Focus on Thy Work

  • Professionals do not waste time at the workplace, indulging in things which are unrelated to their work profile.
  • You won't find them bitching, gossiping, or engaging in unnecessary arguments.
  • They understand that they are present at the 'workplace' to work first and socialize later.
  • They do take breaks from work and chill out, but after their requisite daily jobs are done.
  • You need to strike a balance between work and pleasure.

Be Willing to Learn

  • Professionals learn to identify positive constructive criticism from their seniors and learn from it.
  • They take negative criticism in their stride and let their work do the talking. For them, learning is a continuous process.

Earn Your Salary & Respect

  • First, earn your respect and then call the shots.
  • Professionals like to earn and justify their salary completely and do not take the easy way out.
  • They do not compromise when it comes to their work.

Be a Team Player

  • Professionals gel in a team and are always willing to adapt according to what the team needs.
  • They like to encourage people around them and create a positive atmosphere.
  • They respect colleagues and encourage their subordinates, while taking them under their wings.
  • They know handling difficult people at work. These are the kind of people, talking with whom helps put things in a perspective.
  • They are resourceful and help colleagues out when they can.

Enjoy What You Do

  • The key to be a professional lies in enjoying and loving what you do for a job.
  • A horse doesn't run a race and win it for the prize money. Horses run, because that is what they are made for and that is what they enjoy doing.
  • We are all ingrained to do something unique, something we are good at.
  • Aligning your job with your passion is the key to become a professional.
These tips were just a little pushover. You may have different experiences, certainly, but remember that you have to follow ground rules for yourself, irrespective of the surroundings. These tips will help you identify the qualities that differentiate a 'pro' from an amateur.