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Productivity in the Workplace

Aastha Dogra Feb 6, 2019
The right communication, motivation, and appreciation, are the prerequisites to increase productivity in the workplace. Here are the measures that a manager should employ to increase productivity in his organization.
The main job of any manager in an organization is to improve productivity. Be it the organization's employees or physical resources, he is expected to take certain steps that would ensure their maximum utilization, resulting in maximum output or productivity.

Increasing Productivity of the Employees

Set Clear Goals

Set clear, realistic, and objective goals. When the employees are clear on what they have to deliver or what is expected of them, they are much more likely to act in ways to ensure that they achieve their targets.
The goals that are set for them should be achievable, precise, measurable, and rewarding.


Workplace communication, especially if it is on a one-to-one basis, can go a long way in motivating the employees and increasing their productivity.
If the manager takes a keen interest in every employee, tries to know them beyond their work, i.e., inquires from time to time about their hobbies, likes, dislikes, their families, etc., it helps tremendously in motivating them. The employees feel cared for and valued by the organization, and this improves the employee performance considerably.

Appreciate the Employees

This is the most effective tool that any organization can employ. Many organizations today use various methods, such as giving out gifts, celebrating employee appreciation days, having special events in office, for appreciating and motivating their employees.
Such activities give the employees a sense of belonging to the organization, and hence, they are motivated to work more.

Be Fair

The manager should treat all his employees fairly and equally, irrespective of who is contributing how much in a given project.
Also, communicating to each and everyone, and telling them the importance of their work in achieving the organization's goals is very important too, as it makes the employees feel that what they do is indeed valuable and important for the organization.

Methods to Measure Productivity

Realizing the importance of productivity in the workplace, managers and employers employ various tools such as periodic assessments and appraisals. Performance appraisals are usually carried out on a yearly basis, and in these, the goals set for the employee are compared with his/her actual performance.
On the basis of the outcome of these assessments, incentives, increments on salaries and bonuses, perks, etc., are decided.
Low productivity among the employees could be because the job that they are doing does not suit their temperament or qualities or skills. Through assessments and appraisals, managers are better able to evaluate an employee's skills, and thus, can shift him to a department or a job that suits his qualities.
Besides the ways mentioned, productivity can also be greatly improved if the office space is well-organized. The office, cubicle or chair of the employee should be such that it makes him feel that it is his 'place'.
Of course, it should be airy enough and with perfect lighting, so that work becomes easier. Providing the employees with the latest equipment, gadgets, and good office accessories, improves their productivity too.
Lastly, provide the employees with job security and enough money as salary. If all these measures are seriously adopted by an organization, they will surely increase productivity by leaps and bounds.