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Smart Performance Review Phrases to Suit Your Workplace Needs

Performance Review Phrases
Performance evaluations are an annual feature at most companies, and in order to make them sound fair and just, it is important to use well-drafted appraisal phrases. As such, one should know appropriate phrases that one can use while writing a performance appraisal for an employee.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Benefits of Performance Review
Performance reviews and appraisals hold a huge importance in any organization, because they enable an employee to take stock of his place in the company, and also understand what his shortcomings may be. While there are many people in managerial positions who constantly debate the pros and cons of performance appraisals, the fact of the matter is that, these appraisals often help a company decide how productive an employee has been in a given year.
Need For Performance Review Phrases
Different performance appraisal methods are employed by different companies in order to decide on the incentives and appraisals that an employee deserves. Since they are an important annual feature, it is imperative that performance reviews and appraisals have professional and well-drafted content. They need to have review phrases that are objectively stated without sounding like it is an attempt to put down the employee. While as a human resource professional or someone who is responsible for making these reviews, you could refer to sample appraisals, it is always a better idea to frame it yourself.
Appraisal Phrases for Communication Skills
In every sphere of work, it becomes very important to have good communication skills, whether verbal or written. It is important that what you say is clear to the person you are addressing and is not misunderstood.
excellent communication skills
- He has the ability to frankly and respectfully communicate with his team members and colleagues and also give feedback effectively. This has helped him gain the respect of the people he works with.
- His team members have commended the way he handles problems and how he effectively communicates solutions to the problem.
- Is a good listener which enables him to give good advise to his coworkers and team members in case of any problems that they are facing.
Appraisal Phrases for Leadership and Team Building
Most employee performance appraisals try to judge the various facets and qualities that the employee is presenting at the workplace. Leadership qualities and team skills are two very important qualities that most companies tend to look for.
inspirational leader
- He is a natural leader who commands the respect of his fellow workers while giving them the same amount of respect.
- He has displayed a natural ability to make customers and his fellow workers feel at ease and help them solve their problems.
- Is an invaluable asset to the team and has been successful in raising team spirit by appreciating contributions and the work of team members and coworkers.
- Treats the members of his team with respect and dignity which has helped them feel like they are a part of the team and also increased team productivity dramatically.
Appraisal Phrases for Innovativeness and Creativity
Displaying inventiveness at work and coming up with creative and out-of-the-box solutions for problems can hold you in good stead in the eyes of your employer when it is time for your performance appraisal.
person with innovative solutions
- His willingness to take risks and come up with novel solutions has helped enhance not only the company's performance but also improved its brand value in the market.
- His ability to skillfully turn around issues to benefit the company and also creatively improve work plans has increased the company's review in the past year.
Performance Review Phrases for Stress Management
In today's world with the level of competition at the rate that it is, stress has become a common complain for most professionals. That is the reason why employees who are good at handling work pressures are an asset to the company.
Maintains his cool and never loses his temper
- Is very good at handling stressful situations with ease and with minimal assistance.
- Is the perfect person to handle crisis situations as he is composed and never loses his head in such conditions.
Performance Review Phrases for Professionalism
Being professional about your work and not behaving like you are at your workplace to fulfill social commitments is extremely important and is a major focus area when employee performance is being reviewed.
developing and maintaining relationships with people
- Tries and garners proper information and the necessary background information to enable him to stay attuned to the needs of the job.
- His attitude towards coworkers and customers are professional and mature and always match the professional attitude that he projects.
Appraisal Review Phrases for Attendance and Time Management
Most reviews place a lot of importance on the attendance of the employee and his efficiency in managing his or her time. The phrases that you can use in order to review the employee's performance in this category are listed below.
achieving targets
- He is always punctual and has been very consistent in coming on time to work.
- The fact that he is very concerned about his attendance and makes an effort to maintain punctuality has helped his team achieve better targets.
- He ensures that everyone in his team is very strict about their break timings and are aware of the proper schedule.
- He is very good at time management and has displayed an innate ability to accurately assess the amount of time that he would need in order to complete his scheduled tasks.
This list is just a few of the many complimentary review phrases that you can use in your performance appraisals. If you are trying to point out flaws in an employee's working style, try and tone down the same by also drawing attention to his or her good qualities.
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