Performance Evaluation Template

If you are having difficulty drafting a performance review form, use the template given in this article to format one. A proper performance evaluation form is important for an objective review of employees.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Annual performance reviews are both looked forward to and dreaded by most employees because these evaluations decide their growth path in the organization they work in. Performance appraisals work as a means to encourage employees to enhance their performance which eventually results in better target achievement for the company. It also enables the reviewer to inform the employee being reviewed of the faults he may have been exhibiting, which will help him correct them and perform better. The process of appraising employee performance is conducted by the human resource department of an organization in tandem with the superior of each employee being reviewed. A template enables the performance appraisal process to become a little less long drawn with forms available readily that saves time on drafting a performance evaluation document.
Performance Evaluation: How is it Done
Reviews and appraisals are extremely important to review the salaries of the employees in the organization and in order to grade them for promotions. A performance evaluation form drafted keeping in mind templates allows for objective evaluations. With sections for every skill that needs to be evaluated and properly worded questions that ensure objective responses, it is difficult to not evaluate the employee properly. Performance review examples if referred to will allow you to understand why it is important to keep personal biases at bay. There are many different methods that are used in order to conduct these reviews. If your company uses self-evaluation methods along with the appraisal method where a superior is reviewing you, then it may be a good idea to look at some templates for self-evaluation forms which will give you a gist of what to expect.
While employee performance appraisals can be fear inducing in some, as a whole they should work as a process of encouragement for employees. This will ensure that their productivity at work improves and that the company benefits in the long run. Some companies have started something known as team evaluations wherein an entire team is evaluated for the work that they do together before being reviewed individually. These reviews use team performance evaluation forms for their purposes. In such a case, team members may also be asked to review each other to get an overview of how well they work together. In the section below, we give you a template that will enable you to draft a well written performance appraisal form.
The most important thing to remember while drafting an evaluation form is to ensure that all the key performance indicators are reviewed and mentioned in the document. In this format, there are different sections for different key performance indicators enabling a reviewer to fill in objective responses for every important are of responsibility.
Performance review template
Name of the Employee:     Designation:
Supervisor: Area of Work:
Year of Review: Review Date: Date of Interim Review (if any): Review End Date:
Description of Position Held:
Incremental Advancement:
Job Duties:
Requirement of Training:
Key Responsibility Area:
Feedback Section
Barriers or Obstacles:
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Unsatisfactory Comments
Quality of work
Ability to take initiative
Skill Set
Knowledge of Job
Managerial Abilities
Key Responsibilities Performance Measures Review
The KRA of the employee being reviewed Criteria on which the person is being reviewed Final Review
Career Development
Learning Objective and POA Timeline Expected Result Review
Learning graph as foreseen by the employee Time taken to fulfill learning objective Employee's expectations for outcome Feedback from employee
Now that you are aware of the tiny things that need to kept in mind while drafting a performance review form and you have a template at your disposal, you can format one for your organization for when you have to conduct your annual appraisals. It is important that you do not blindly copy the format but modify it according to the changes you deem important for your organization.
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