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Office Team Building Games

Sheetal Mandora Oct 21, 2018
Unity, teamwork, dedication, and success--all are required to build a strong team. Here are some office team building games that'll help achieve all this, and more.
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
 ― Michael Jordan
How much do you know about the person sitting next to you at work? In an organization, working alongside your colleagues and interacting with each other is very important.

Know Me Better

Our first game requires everyone to make pairs. Everyone will find another colleague that they hardly know.
Now in that pair, both the members are supposed to ask them 3 questions -
  1. What is the most proud moment for you, at work or in personal life?
  2. Is there something about you that others don't know about?
  3. What is your most embarrassing moment in your life?
After this round of games is over, each pair will share the answers to the questions with everyone. This way, you will learn a little more about your colleagues and can relate on a more personal level.

A Drum Circle

For our next activity, we need to use the drums.
You can choose from African or Samba drums for this. Every employee gets a drum and one person, who knows how to play them will stand in the middle. Make a circle around this person and follow the rhythms as guided.
The beat helps in bringing the team together. It energizes them along with increasing their concentration level. This is one of the best games that prompts cooperation among employees.

Scavenger Hunt

As an excellent employee motivation project, you can play scavenger hunt. You can play the game right inside the building by making a list of items to locate and make a map of the office. Then make groups (depending on how many employees there are) and hand each group a map and list of items. Ready, set, go! May the best group win.

Singing and Dancing

You can also try group singing and dancing as a part of your fun team building activity. Many people claim that they can't sing and/or dance. This may be true but when everyone is together and working towards a goal, anything is possible.
Group singing and dancing helps in developing confidence level, listening skills, relieve frustration, and get energized. It helps in bonding everyone together because what one employee is doing is the same as everyone else. As you can see, teamwork is very crucial here.
These were some office games for employees that will not only motivate them, but also bring change at the workplace. Apart from these team building activities, there are many icebreaker games which you can organize. The main point is to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Only this way can employees come closer and get to know one another properly.