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Office Team Building Activities

Aastha Dogra Oct 21, 2018
Office team building activities and games go a long way in increasing cooperation amongst employees. They are a fun way of inculcating team spirit and other management skills. Here are a few of the best...
Just think of an office where there is complete cooperation, proper understanding, and open communication amongst the employees as well as the employees and the management. A dream scenario isn't it?
Such an organization is bound to produce quality work and earn lots of profits. People would love to work for such an organization, and thus employee turnover will be less, saving lots of money and effort. All this is indeed possible, only if companies stress on team building.
There are various ways to encourage bonding and team spirit amongst employees, and one of them is through games and activities in which all the employees participate together.

Let's Create Something

Divide the employees into groups of five, and then ask them to use whatever they can lay their hands on in the office. It can be files, stationery, furniture, or computers, and then come up with something unique.
This is an open-ended activity, and you will be surprised to see how creative people at your workplace can be! At the end of the activity, each of the groups has to come forward and explain what they have made, what is each person's contribution in making it, what is the utility of their 'creation', etc.

I Admire You

Have your employees stand in a circle. One by one, each of them has to come forward and talk about one admirable quality of any other employee. Such activities give the employees an opportunity to know things about one another, plus they are great in building bonds between all of them.

Make a Story

Start with dividing your employees into teams of five to eight. Next, have one of the teams come forward. Give each of the team members a picture cut out from a magazine.
The rule of this game is that the team members cannot show their picture to others in their team, but they can show it to the audience, and together, they have to create a story explaining their respective pictures.
One of the team members starts with interpreting his picture. When he stops, the next one has to pick up from where the previous one left, and then link it to his picture. Likewise, the teams have to build up a story. This game requires good communication, patience, and understanding amongst the team players.

Come On Board

Have all your employees stand in a circle. Ask them to count so that each one gets a number. Now, draw a 2x2 square in the middle of this circle.
The rule of this game is that, starting from the employee who is assigned number one, all of them have to accommodate themselves in that small square.
So, first the 'number one' stands in the square, followed by 'number two', and so on. When the square is full, to accommodate the other employees, problem solving and cooperation will be required on the part of those who are inside the circle.
This is a great activity for building teams and skills such as decision-making, leadership, problem-solving, and communication.
If an organization conducts such activities regularly, it will surely give a boost to employee motivation and teamwork in the organization. This in turn will increase productivity and profits, which is the main aim of all modern businesses today.