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Office Safety Meeting Topics

Commonly Discussed Office Safety Meeting Topics and Issues

This write-up shares some insights on safety meeting topics that will help you come up with some relevant topics for safety meetings.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018
It is the duty of the administration and management department of every organization or a company to ensure the safety and security of the employees when they are within the campus of the company.
Safety meetings are important as they can act as preventive measures against injuries and risks involved at the workplace.
Organizing and conducting safety meetings is one of the best ways to warn and inform the employees about possible hazards and accidents they can encounter with so that they can prepare themselves to deal with adverse situations in advance. Here are some useful office safety meeting topics that you can refer to and draft your own topics for your company.
General Safety Meeting Topics
Here are some of the basic safety meeting ideas that can be used for initial safety meetings. These general and basic topics will help you introduce the whole concept and objectives of safety meetings to your employees.
  • Safety regulations in the workplace
  • Why safety is important at workplace
  • Importance of using office safety tips
  • Importance of following safety measures
  • Importance of drafting and following safety policies by an organization
  • How to use safety materials and tools in the workplace
  • What to do in case fire erupts
  • What to do in case of a power failure
  • Ways to prevent injuries in the workplace
  • What to do when natural calamities strike, like earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, etc.
  • How to handle automated machinery safely in the workplace
  • Ways of preventing violence and abuse in the workplace
  • What to do in case of computer crash
  • Encouraging safety training programs
  • How to implement safety policies
  • How to apply safety rules, regulations and measures
Personalized Topics
These were some of the primary subjects that can be a part of your safety meeting agenda for the first few sessions. Slowly, you can choose more specific topics with detailed information. Here are some more safety meeting topics that you can personalize as per your needs and requirements.
  • Investigating the cause of accidents in the workplace
  • Importance of conducting safety patrol and audit finding
  • How to ensure eye and ear protection
  • How to prevent hand and foot injuries
  • Risks associated with new projects
  • Precautions to be taken before entering the new plant
  • How to handle electrical appliances in the workplace
  • Encouraging drug free work environment
  • How to avoid slips, trips, falls, and spills in the workplace
  • Importance of reporting an almost accidental incident
  • How to prevent chemical exposure
  • What precautions to be taken near the pool area
  • How to use safety symbols, sign, and labels
  • Devising and revising safety training, rules, rescue and evacuation plans
  • How to manage stress effectively
  • How to deal with bomb threats in the workplace
  • Ways of conducting inspection in the workplace
  • Role of emergency response teams
  • Importance of emergency response training
  • Safety measures to be followed while traveling
  • Importance of ergonomic arrangement
  • How to use first aid kit available in the workplace
  • Safety measures to consider while using the ladder
  • How to handle glass safely
These were some of the specific safety meeting topics for office. You can come up with some more office safety topics that are relevant for the industry. For example, Here are some of the construction safety meeting topics.
  • How to use safety glasses and glares properly
  • Importance of using safety gloves in the workplace
  • Are protective dusk masks being used?
  • Importance of wearing proper footwear
  • Knowledge of proper lifting, carrying, and bending techniques
With these ideas on safety meeting topics it is easier for you to conduct safety meetings. But make sure that you make the sessions interesting so that the employees pay attention and understand each safety topic properly.