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Office Renovations to Increase Employee Motivation

Carol Evenson Dec 4, 2019
If you are wondering why your employees seem unmotivated or less productive, there may be a variety of issues at hand. Here are some tips to easily make changes in your workspace to benefit both you and your employees.

Leave Your Door Open

Encouraging open communication with employees is a great way to improve connections and cultivate a relaxed workspace. Let your employees know explicitly that you welcome new ideas and constructive criticism, if they believe it will improve your workflow, ideas, or product.
You can manifest this statement by keeping the door to your office open whenever possible, to show employees that you want them to develop a working relationship with you as their higher up. This way, they will not be afraid to speak up.

Change Your Location

Sometimes one of the best ways to boost employee creativity and motivation is to adjust your environment by moving temporarily to a different space. There are many companies and buildings which allow you to rent a conference or meeting room for a short period of hours or days.
This way you can invest in your employees without moving permanently. To find space in your area, it is easy to do internet search. For example, if your business is in San Francisco, search for "San Francisco Office Space" to look through a list of available rentals close to you.

Repaint Your Space

It has been shown that colors of your workplace are influential on how your employees function. In general, avoid colors such as orange and red, because loudness of these shades can foster anxiety and negativity. Stick to hues like green and blue, but softer tones to encourage peace, tranquility.
For a more regal look, try darker shades, but it may be good to offset lighter shades with grays or browns to lessen the brightness. A neutral white is always a great choice if you are conflicted but want to freshen up the paint.

Encourage Employee Connections

Motivating employees is effective when they are congregated around the same central idea or goal for the betterment of the organization. If your company is trying to tackle a bigger goal that affects many facets of the business, it is a good plan to split your employees into small groups and assign them goals and tasks with incentives.
Bringing employees together in this way can help them think outside of the box, or come up with new ideas for solutions to a problem. Make sure to offer positivity as part of your daily ritual in order to instill it into every facet of your workforce as well.

Have a Stocked Kitchen

Hungry or thirsty employees will not have the brain power or motivation to complete work or come up with a unique plan or idea. If your office has a communal space for eating and lounging, such as a break room or a kitchen, you can stock your fridge with a variety of healthy snacks.
Some great options include yogurt cups, cold juice or coffee, granola bars, trail mix, or fresh and dried fruit. Having access to good nutritional options during workday is integral to having a successful workday. Get to know some of your employees' favorite foods and keep them in stock as well, which they are guaranteed to love.
It does not have to be difficult to create an environment that will inspire employees and team members to be more creative and think of new solutions. With these tips, you are sure to have a happy, healthy, and motivated workforce that truly enjoys coming to work every day.