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Funny Office Prank Ideas

Uttara Manohar Nov 18, 2018
There's nothing like a good stock of funny pranks to lighten up the mood in an otherwise stiff atmosphere at the office. Discover ways on how to fool your employees/colleagues whenever things get a little too serious at the workplace.
If you think your office atmosphere is getting dull and boring, then it is time you did something to shake things up a little bit.
Office pranks are a great way to lighten up the mood at the workplace. They can be of all types, starting from the cute and funny ones to the bold, rude or the offensive ones. Although the ones that are truly OTT (over-the-top) might get you into serious trouble, some lighthearted humor never harmed anyone.
The aim should be to lighten up the mood at the office and let everyone have a hearty laugh. In the process, it has to be made sure that no one is harmed in any way, and everything that is done is within the permissible limits.
Here are a bunch of awesome prank ideas, that are simple and hilarious for the pranksters, and of course annoying and embarrassing for the victims. You can even modify these to suit your own ideas or surroundings. Take your pick.

7 Awesome Office Prank Ideas

Computer Malfunction

This one is a classic prank, which is very annoying for the victim. First, take a screenshot of the victim's desktop. Set this screenshot as the background, and make it a point to hide all the icons and the task bar, and lock them.
Now, if the victim tries to click anything, nothing will work. He/she will think that the computer is frozen, and will try to reboot and do anything and everything to get the computer to work.

Post-it Prank

You will have to stay back late after your victim leaves the office, or come in well in advance to play this prank. All you have to do is cover your coworker's desk and the entire cubicle with post-its.
In case you want to make it seem more annoying, put funny messages on each of the post-it notes.

Prank Messenger

Come in early before everyone and leave fake messages on people's desks. For example, 'Meeting at 2:30 with Bob and Jen', 'See me ASAP - John'.
It is hilarious to see people walk up to the conference room or confront each other about these messages left at their desks, as you sit back in your cubicle and enjoy the fun.

Wet Chair

This prank is very easy to pull off, especially when you have synthetic fabric chairs that do not soak up water. Most of the synthetic fabric chairs used in offices are waterproof.
Pour water over the chair, and in case the color changes, make sure to wet the entire chair, so that the victim will not notice it. Wait until the victim walks in and sits on his chair, only to find that he is at the receiving end of a very silly, yet annoying joke.

Caffeine Madness

This one is really wicked. All you need to do is switch the coffee in the coffee machine from regular coffee to decaf. After a while, when people have gotten over their caffeine withdrawals, switch the coffee using a brand that is very high in caffeine. Watch your coworkers freak out with the varying caffeine levels.

Telephone Mania

You will need an accomplice for this one. All you need to do is get a coworker's phone and your own phone, and dial the phone numbers of two other coworkers you wish to harass.
When the phones ring, switch on the speakers of both the phones and hold them together, so that the two victims can hear each other. Once they start talking, just listen to the confused conversation, and have the last laugh.

The Deafening Prank

You need to have many accomplices to pull off this prank. Pick up one unfortunate victim. Once the person steps into the office, everyone should pretend to talk to the person by lip movements only (do not utter a word or make any sound). After having pretended to talk for about a minute or two, make angry and frustrated gestures and walk away.
Convey messages by signaling; ask the person by gesturing whether he/she has gone deaf. As long as everyone can play along, this prank turns out to be really hilarious (sucks for the victim though).